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Well, another year has finished and we're on to 2020! Time for me to look back at my 2019 results.Wrapping it up, 2019 went above and beyond what I had expected for my blog. WAY beyond... way, way, way beyond. You get the point. My results shocked and astounded me (and my hubby).My money-maker (product reviews) blog is now 26 months old and has only 44 posts to date (No, I don't do this full time. I'm a Stay At Home Mom). Last year it made me about $21,000 USD. That's up from $4800 USD the year
I just realized tonight that this month I've been here at WA for 3 years now. Time for a quick look back, assessment of the "now", and a peak at the game plan for what's ahead!When I joined WA back in August 2016, I had a 3 year old and a 1.5 year old... and I needed something to keep my sanity. I'm a Stay At Home Mom, and if there are any of you out there with busy littles at home that you care for 24/7, and you feel your brain is slowly dying sometimes, you'll know what I mean. Learning the a
Things are looking up! :) I finally hit 4 figures commission in April 2019, and hit it seriously well! During the month of March, I got close ($925), but then this month, things just suddenly exploded and I ended up with commissions of $1763 USD. SWEET!!!! :) My niche is fairly seasonal, winter was slow... and I was expecting things to get better in the spring, but not THIS much better. Loving it. I'm so, so glad I stuck it out during the slog months when I was just doing what we all do in the
January 04, 2019
Just a quick update for those of you/us that like reading how things are going for people here in WA. This year was a pretty good one for me, although I definitely wasn't able to dedicate as much time as I'd hoped... my site has 32 posts now and is about 14 months old.After expenses, my total earnings were $4,450 CDN (approx $3320 USD)I'm really hoping this year I hit my first 4 figure month... maybe more than once. It's a bit of a seasonal niche, so I expect a few slower months until the weath
FINALLY I'm at the point where things are starting to go UPWARDS and I'm hoping it's going to keep going up, up, up from here!I joined WA in Aug 2016, spent a full year and a bit building a big site that I finally understood was never really going to get anywhere, money-wise. I started fresh 6 months ago taking what I learned and building a new site that is actually beginning to now really take off! On it, I'm now to 80-100 organic visitors/day, and this month I finally topped $100 commission f
It's late. I've been working, yet again, all night on my website. I decided to take a break and update my expenses/revenues chart to see where I'm at. Last week I paid for another year of WA... my second year. Converting to CDN dollars, I'm now over $1000 in the hole from this all. That's just from membership fees and domain registration.Anyone else here wondering if this is going to work (financially)? EVER? I have 88 posts, approx 450 comments, get traffic of about 80-100 visitors a day (most
So, what's on my mind... starting a second site is on my mind. I'd love to hear from some of you more seasoned affiliate marketers about your own experiences.My somewhat jumbled thoughts: 1. I'm worried about having "all my eggs in one basket" so to speak. What if for some reason my site gets blocked or I get banned from the Amazon Associates program (which I use heavily). Shouldn't I perhaps diversify and also have a non-Amazon site?2. I don't REALLY have time to be doing 2 sites justice. But
Hey everyone,So I'm about 4.5 months in, and trucking along on my website I'm determined to make this work, especially after putting so much time and energy into it (and money... between the domain registration, 3 months individual, and then a yearly... around $635CDN.)I'm still enjoying it, but I've got to say, I'm getting a bit worried because my rankings just aren't really climbing. They are actually sort of dropping, if anything. Organic traffic is very slow. Like,
3 months have now passed since I started my website ( It has been 3 months of learning, 3 months of working on it pretty much every nap time and every evening, and 3 months of being so immersed in the world of kids dress up play that I feel like I'm definitely becoming a bit of an expert on it. Even though truth be told, my two kids DO NOT play dress up all. day. long. So here's what's up at 3 months - it will be interesting to look back at this later:Posts: 40Comments:
October 05, 2016
Hey everyone. Yay for success posts, right? :) So I logged onto Amazon Affiliates this morning and whohoo!! First sale!! Just a few bucks commission on it, but hey... "He who does not appreciate the small is not worthy of the big" and all that jazz, right? ;) Cool thing was that it was a product I recommended too... not something completely unrelated. Going to make this work, people!! (PS - Thanks to everyone who chimed in on my "discouraged and unsure" blog post last week... your advice and