Do you ever wish that

Last Update: May 09, 2020

We wish and dream but fail to act or reconise opportunities presented to us, spending a lot of time looking back over our shoulder regretting having missed the boat. Start saying yes to things and see the positivity grow around you, be a "Yes Man" .

Ever wish you were a child again

  1. No worries.
  2. No mortgages.
  3. No career.
  4. No bills.
  5. No tax.
  6. No arguments with partner.
  7. No racing around trying to get things done.

My crew today chilled out in the sun

  • Contented
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Free
  • Living the dream (but don't know it)
  • Safe

When I saw them earlier I just realized that we are all striving to get back to where we were hopefully happiest, they are living our dream of contentment and freedom on a glorious day like today. Everyone look around, see where your happy places is and strive every day to get there but remember don't be so busy that you don't recognize it when your achieve it. Never be to busy to stop and spend time with family close the business early, tomorrow is another day but the to bounce in the trampoline might not come tomorrow. Try not to have regrets and what ifs, Live in the small important moments.

I'm clocking off now, enjoy the sun



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RamiSociable Premium
Always!! don't be mean to yourself and remember to stop to smell the roses...;

a1jonuk1 Premium
A timely reminder, thanks for posting.
AmazeCPS Premium Plus
That is a good idea to spend time with family. We are no many time with our family. If we are in a family we all are safe. OK. Stay safe and well.
RickRoberts Premium
Very true, thank you for sharing.
marcho88 Premium
You are absolutely right that we must always spend time with the family. ;)