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March 26, 2018
It's been quite the journey over the past year. I haven't posted here at WA since last September. A lot has happened since then. In some ways it went fast and in others it seemed to drag on. So many new things to learn. So many new people I have met. "Thank you" to everyone who has played a part in my journey here at Weathy Affilaite. I wish you all much success! CHEERS!!!!-Mark
Recently I was looking at changing my theme here at WA. I wasn’t particularly happy with the one I had chosen when I started this adventure. But being new, what do I know about what is or isn’t a good theme. After all, I am a “newbie” at this game. I had read blogs here about others changing their themes and loving it. I was told at one point I could look at a “preview” of what my site would look like on another theme. That was a good idea but I still didn&rs
Yes, it's been hard to breath!Its been at least a couple of weeks that the smoke from the BC Canada fires have been blowing into Washington State and the Pacific NW, creating the worst air quality here in the entire nation. Below is a satellite map showing the smoke filled Washington State, and surrounding areas.As you can imagine it has a big effect on people with breathing difficulties, as well as our elderly folks here. It has been common to see people in the stores here wearing masks to he
July 30, 2017
Hi gang,I just got back from what was about a day and a half of being "unplugged". Mostly because where I was over the weekend had no cell or internet service. After unpacking the camper when I got home I went straight to my emails. So many to catch up on. What I found was a reoccurring theme of people talking about taking a day off or needing a day off from all the hard work they have been doing on their online businesses. I know the feeling. I feel guilty when I take a day from work, either m
Hello all,It’s been a busy week so far tending to my list of tasks to correct things on my website. Every day and night is working on my site. There is always something that needs attention. Today I turned my attention to the next post for my site that has been giving me a challenge. I found a product I want to promote that I feel will be a great addition to my niche. My challenge has been finding good pictures of this product. My affiliate offers this unit, but the one or two pictures
July 14, 2017
I signed up here at Wealthy Affiliate at the end of last March, almost 4 months ago. As you all know and experience, the time goes by so fast. There is always something to add, tweak, change, learn, etc. when it comes to building our websites and businesses. I entered this program here with little to no experience in computers. Four months later I have a website with a great niche. My niche is different but exciting!Along the way I have met a lot of nice people. All of whom in one way or anoth
June 26, 2017
Today marks the first day that I'll be able to get back to work on my computer. About three weeks ago something happened to where I could no longer see the pictures I had linked, or new ones I was trying to link. These we affiliate links as well. I also had an issue with some of the affiliate text links. The community here was awesome in their efforts to help me. In the end, we believe it turned out to be a software update that somehow was blocking these affiliate links and pictures from workin
My son sent me this saying in an email this morning. Him and I talk all the time about our future, and dream of doing something together in life, in our own business. Ever since he was little it has been our dream.Currently he works for the government. It's a great job for the health benefits and other things I guess, but he is very unhappy doing it. Yesterday evening we were discussing this and how there is no challenge in what he does. Oh sure, every once in a while there is an emergency situ
June 07, 2017
I have thought for many years, and kept the attitude, that problems are all in how you perceive them. I work with a number of people who constantly complain about this, or complain that, and never offer up a solution to the issue at hand. I have always tried to instill in the people that I work with that there is a solution to every challenge we encounter. It is no different than the challenges we all face when building our online business. Every day there is something new to learn. Some of tho
June 04, 2017
About a week ago I began setting weekly goals for the things I wanted to accomplish building my site and doing the lessons. This was from the teaching of a member of the community. I must say it has served me well. I passed this idea on to others who seem to agree it is a less stressful way of staying engaged without thinking about ALL the stuff that needs to be accomplished here, working on our sites, etc. I'd like to thank Bo for this. In the last day I have accomplished more than in the last