Avoid this mistake I made that the training doesn't make 100% clear!

Last Update: November 27, 2019

My website is coming along great in my opinion. Many of my articles are ranking, the page looks good, etc. No complaints. I'm continually learning and will continue to.

So what is the mistake?

Proper SEO keyword execution.

I like specific directions. ESPECIALLY if I'm new at something. So I'll get right to the point.

The training tells you to use key words in your title. That's great, but what it should be more specific about is AFTER you publish your article and have the KEYWORD/PHRASE as your PERMALINK!!

Even though many of my articles are ranking #1, it's because they are in a non-search limbo.

So if you have a great subtext or way you want to add the keyword to your title, WAIT! Do it after what I mentioned above happens. Otherwise, you're ranking becasue there's no competition. There's no competition because NO ONE IS SEARCHING ON YOUR SPIN!!

Keep it to the Keyword. Add your spin later. Don't be 30 articles deep like I was before you figure this out.

You're welcome.

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DMahen1 Premium
Thanks for posting - I must have missed the fact that we should use our KEYWORD/PHRASE as our PERMALINK.
MarkG75 Premium
It will give you better rankings. And at least I'm not the only one. You will still get rankings otherwise, but experiment like I did with Jaaxy & incognito Google searches to see where your posts rank.

An example:
I posted an article with the keyword HOW TO READ PEOPLE. If I use that keyword along with my site to search with Jaaxy, it's not even on the first page of Google.

The whole title, which is included in the permalink is, HOW TO READ PEOPLE | THE BRUCE LEE TECHNIQUE. This whole title is #1 and first page on Google with the Jaaxy search.

So, to me, it seems it may be #1 there because of the reason I listed above.

In any case, it's something very important to consider in successful traffic.
Nedd Premium
That is actually in the setup of All In One SEO - if it's set up correctly it automatically does that for you. More particularly the video -
MarkG75 Premium
Thanks. But Jaaxy results say differently. And if it does, it's something I missed. I won't depend on something to do that automatically.

I just took down google adsense because it seems the only option is automatic. It was completely littering my site. Not worth it to me.

Maybe I missed something there too, but it wouldn't let me manually put ads where I wanted. So it was a no go for me.