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Last Update: Jun 5, 2020

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So You Want To Start Your Own Business Then!

The 50/40/50 Year Plan

Some people like the comfort and security(?) of being an employee, you know, turn up, get told what to do, put your hours in then go home and forget about it all until tomorrow.

Some of those people are in the 40 year plan but an increasing number are actually back in a 50 year plan. It used to be mostly a 50 year plan for working people, they left school at 15 and didn't get to retire until they were aged 65. That's 50 years of solid graft, a bit of a pension from the government and your employer and, in those days, worn out from hard manual labour, poor working practices, poor health care provision and accompanying low life expectancy rates, an early death!

Happily, as times progressed, more people were extending their education, getting good degrees and embarking on a shorter, more lucrative work life of just 40 years.

Improved health and safety meaures, less hard manual labour, better health care provisions, better diets, improved pension provisions and longer life expectancy made for a better deal altogether.

A shorter working life, better health, more money and a longer life after retirement to enjoy things while you're still fit enough to do so.....what could be better?

Oh but watch out, slowly but surely, governments decided that pensions were now too good and those pesky people were living too long. Because of that they couldn't affford to pay for it all. Never mind planning for timebombs like the obesity, heart disease, cancer and Type 2 Diabetes catastrophe which will inevitibly befall them, those governments had to have a rethink about the whole cradle to grave thing.

First among the rethinks was delaying the time when people were able to retire with state pensions and almost at a stroke these people were faced with the prospect of working longer, paying in longer, retiring later and, bearing in mind the obesity epidemic, having less time after retirement to enjoy themselves.

Taking all of that into consideration and adding in more people ending up with tens of thousands of dollars/pounds/euros worth of student debt and all of a sudden we are back in the realms of the 50 year working plan.

The Alternative - Start A Business!

For many people, the prospect of working for 50 years just to pay the bills but at the same time building somebody else's dream just doesn't cut it any more.

We all like the idea of self determination but often baulk at the idea of cutting those ties of comfort and security that a job brings.

Did I just say security? What a joke that is, especially in these current and hopefully soon to be post Covid days!

So what's the alternative? Well we can all dream of winning the lottery, receiving a bequest from a long lost relative or writing a best selling book or song but the reality for most of us is, sadly, that none of those things will ever happen.

So, it's got to be work for yourself then hasn't it? You know, start a business, build an empire and retire with a pot of gold! It's a great idea but it doesn't necessarily square with reality, besides, have you seen how much it costs to start a business?

Open a shop.........tens of thousands of $$$$$

Buy a franchise..........tens of thousands of $$$$$

There's always the idea of looking to make money online but what to do then?

Buy into high ticket hype.....thousands of $$$$$


Join WA and see if it's for you........49 bucks a month!

Why Wealthy Affiliate Then?

Think about the reasons that brought you to Wealthy Affiliate in the first place. Your own dissatisfaction with work in general, burning desire to determine your own path, the idea of being independent of others etc etc...

Things not going too well for you here just now? Then have another think about what your alternatives are and how much money you have to spend/invest in your future.

Let's be honest, Wealthy Affiliate isn't for everybody, many join, many leave, lots stay and make a good go of it. So good that they no longer have to think about clocking on for somebody else ever again......that good!

For most people it's not about mansions, yachts, Ferraris and millions in the bank, nice that they might be. No, I believe that most people would be happy with clearing their debts, covering all their bills, having plenty of fun money, taking care of their family and not being a slave to their bosses.

In closing, if you think the grass is greener elsewhere the chance is it isn't! The grass is always green where you water it, so here's a metaphor for you....

Sew the seeds, cultivate your grass, water it and watch it flourish into the green and pleasant lawn you were looking to grow.

What's your reasons for joining Wealthy Affiliate and have you had a wobble at some point about whether to carry on? And what's your "why" for staying and building your online business?

Have a great weekend


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Recent Comments


Great post Mark; most people want security, comfort, the easiest route possible and lack the discipline or motivation to work for themselves.

It has been my experience that many people who think they can work for themselves fall down when times are tough and quit or go back to the relative safety of being an employee.

Employment takes away the choice of not putting in a shift when one lacks motivation which is what many people need.

I'm here to build an online business over time and learn about all things internet ton help in my offline business!!!


Great points Rick, spot on with each of them!
Thanks for dropping by with your thoughts👍

Hello Mark, I am here to build something for retirement. We want to travel when we retire and I want to keep my mind active, so what better way than to be able to blog and write content from anywhere on the planet.
I believe we have found something very special here at WA.

Best wishes and stay safe.

It's a great "why" Gaz and I hope it sustains you when things start to feel like they'll never come together. But they will with hard work and perseverence and you'll be glad when you're on that far off beach checking your phone for new income notifications!
Good luck with it all😎

Great post!
I am here at WA because I am a therapist for autistic children and children with other dysfunctions. My therapies are very expensive for some families and I hope to earn enough money to be able to offer my therapies to families who need them and who cannot pay. I am on the right path and I don't intend to give up because the life of each child counts, they are our future.


I like the idea of doing your work gratis Ingrid, it's a very worthy thing to do and I'm sure you'll have many grateful patients.
It's a great "why" to have so good luck in getting there.

Thank you very much for a great post.
I just want to pay my bills and enjoy life.
I’m having a wobble because my blog
Titles are no good and they are not being ranked.
I’m not going anywhere I’m just try to work out how
Best to fix it.

Hey Lisa, you're very welcome and I believe that a lot of people will share your thoughts about what they want to get out of their online business.

It's great to hear you say you're going to stuck with it and work out how to overcome your current wobble - I'm sure you'll get past it with those titles soon so here's something that might give you some inspiration.....

Have a lovely weekend


Thank you very much Mark, I will check it out.

You're welcome Lisa, always happy to help if I can.

"I believe that most people would be happy with clearing their debts, covering all their bills, having plenty of fun money, taking care of their family and not being a slave to their bosses."

This quote from your post says it all for me Mark. That's all I need, enough to cover the necessities and enjoy life with no demands.

Thanks for a great post


Hi there Chris, you're welcome and thanks for stopping by.

I really think that a lot of people would happily enjoy that but I also think that this Covid situation may well have had a lot of people rething their entire purpose, back to the simpler and more important things...I hope so anyway.


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