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Last Update: March 02, 2015

Ok being a premium member may make me a little biased but bare with me a little longer. I currently run my own successful driving school business in the UK, when I first started as a driving instructor we were in the middle of a recession and things were looking very grim.

So as you can imagine work was not great and as well as giving driving lessons I also worked as a part time pizza delivery guy, that is until I came across a guy called kelvin white who had built up his driving school from a one man band to a very successful driving school. He had done that well that he no longer went out to do the lessons but instead managed the business.

Kelvin had created a course with walk through videos and templates we could use to turn our own businesses into customer machines that would enable us to build our own driving school franchise and earn a passive or residual income for life. As it stands I am now looking for my first franchisee and have a massive waiting list of students waiting to start.

So I guess what I am getting at here is that with all the videos and resources along with the way it is all set out in the courses and lessons I believe that anyone who wants to follow this course and puts in the effort can and will make money from Internet marketing.

Ok that's me done and I'm off to bed, night all

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Christabelle Premium
That is a great comparison and I have no doubt you will reach your goals here as well!
Mark-Dom Premium
Thanks for lovely comments christabelle.
trekrider Premium

Congratulations on your successful driving school. I am sure with this success you will be successful at WA and Internet marketing. All the best.

Mark-Dom Premium
Thanks for that Jeff, well I don't like to quit so even if it takes me years to achieve my goals I will get there.
SpheredKhigh Premium
Nice going
LolaAJ1 Premium
Great comparison. I'm glad that you can identity and relate to the similar teaching approach.
You sound like a go getter....You'll do great at WA.
Mark-Dom Premium
Thank you Lola, my mission is to succeed.