Did you wonder where I have been all this while?

Last Update: March 20, 2014

Well! As you know some go for a walk in the park. I too went for a walk in the park but ended up getting lost! That was the lesson 2 park.

I have been 'snailing' in the park!! And at long last, I managed to complete the task. Just a quick question, did any of you loose your way there?

Any how, if I can find my way, am sure you all did with ease. Have a blessed night.


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ezyazpie Premium
Marcy where will you turn up next ... been climbing down trees .. getting lost in the park .. next I guess will be somewhere over the rainbow... if ever you find the pot of gold let me know please. Enjoy your adventures.
Marcy Morgan Premium
Marcy Morgan Premium
i like this. good to know i am not alone. i will persist. thanks gordi
Gordi Premium
I hit my first snag on level 3, adding links. Things got more technical on level 3. You persisted, and got through it. That's what counts.
terenzia Premium
Hu Gordi,

I do agree with you one has to persevere. That is the way out to success