Climbing a tree from the top!

Last Update: Mar 15, 2014


If you are pressed by time coupled with the lack of the thing, the virtue thing sometimes refered to as patience, you do crazy things! so because I have very little change for the two i decided to cut corners. Want to know the results? Yeah... well, I managed to build a websit. I also managed to run out of fuel lol. No now I have had to go back to primary one and start all over again!! It is working better and wehre I got stuck as I retire now I hope to find answers awaiting me.

But who said they are quite right when they say you cannot climb a tree from the top!? I belive you can always jump to a low branch and be a step ahead of the game, that is if you are an athetic with a good stamina!

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What you do is grab onto someone's coattails who really knows how to climb that tree and let them help you to the top!

cheers marcy

it is not about the wheel, it is about running where it says dismount your bic and walk lol marcy

That's a good way of looking at it lol

If the wheel has already been invented no use in trying to reinvent it.

i think you did try to climb the tree by jumping to the low branch jaymush, just as i did. tracy45, i will follow your advise next time round, which i am already slowly but surely doing. thanks guys. ta

I have built three websites. Each time, I started at lesson 1 of the training and went through to make sure I was following directions exactly. It was amazing how much I missed the first time around!

I agree Tracy. I do the same. On my second site I was going to try without going along with the lesson and I left out important steps.

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