New goal set - Keep on going even if progress is slow!

Last Update: November 17, 2018

Since my last blog, I have climbed in rank... In the negative way. My goal for last month was to reach Top 200 and become a WA ambassador. But then I landed a major contract and got to travel for a bit and before I knew it I was getting so busy that I had less and less time to hang out WA.

At first I was kind of upset with myself and discouraged because I did not meet my goal. Currently I am ranked 2370 which I suppose is not so bad, but further away from 872 since my last blog.

It took me a while, but then I realised that the whole point of WA is to help its members succeed in their online careers. And that means that we will have to step away from our desks from time to time to actually go and network to strengthen your presence both online and offline.

So, yes. I am ranked 2370 and not Top 200. But I am now one major client richer and have more freedom to travel because of this. That in itself is already success.

I finally found the time and energy to log back in and am please to see that there are still a lot of members actively joining WA in the hope of finding online success and financial freedom.

My hope is that the members of WA read this post and be inspired in the fact that every little step you take, whether it is forward or backward is still part of the learning curve. Everything you learn within this platform is strategically created so that people like you and I can grow and develop with the least amount of stress and effort because there are always others that pave the way.

My motivation to you: keep your head up, set new goals in place, and if you reach them, great! If not, that is okay. It is just another step in the right direction - it could delay your progress a little, but sometimes that is the best thing that could happen to you!

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Fleeky Premium
Well said
macfais Premium
Very true!

The learnings we have is already a success.

I am not looking into when will I earn my first income. I just continue learning and learning.

The important is "today must be better than yesterday".

Nice post Marchelle!
SAnswer Premium
You will get there
Marchelle1 Premium
I believe so yes
smartketeer Premium
Awesome story Marchelle! Thanks!

Congrats for your new client and welcome back!

Marchelle1 Premium
Thank you and yes most def God speed :)