What is your Favorite City to Visit?

Last Update: December 20, 2016

I started this journey almost 2 years ago with Wealthy Affiliate. I did it for a couple of reasons.

Like most people I wanted to make some extra money, maybe even a full time income online.

Another reason is I wanted some independence and ability to travel more than I already do. While there are many other reasons I joined Wealthy Affiliate, this one brings me to the point of writing this little post.

What is your favorite city in the world to visit?

I have a tie with my favorite cities to visit. One is Barcelona, Spain. I love the food, the people, the architecture, and the atmosphere in general.

My other favorite city is Dubrovnik, Croatia. This is the first city I went to in Croatia. It is very scenic and has marble streets in the old town. It is also my ancestral home.

Okay so there you have it. Please let me know what your favorite city in the world to visit and why? If you feel up to it also let me know why you joined WA?

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caterinamac Premium
Hi my favourite city is Nice.It is easy to get around with free tram and busses going everywhere for only a couple of Euro.It is close to the Maritime Alps also so skiing is a plus from here.Only 2 hours to get there.Plus the Old Town(1200's) is quite remarkable with lots and lots of cafes and restaurants. I would happily spend all winter in Nice.Cheers CATE
onmyownterms Premium
I joined WA to give back. I'm semi-retired now, and just want to help others achieve their dream. I've travelled only a little, I live in the US, and have been to Canada, Mexico, Honduras, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, St. John, Turks & Caicos and I'm not sure where else in the Caribbean that I've left out.

That being said, I think Washington, DC is my favorite city to visit. The scale of the buildings there is overwhelming, the museums, the history, incredible. I'm not done with the US yet though, although I travel less, I still want to get to the UK to visit all my friends there, and Italy as well.
Marc1001 Premium
Amazingly I have traveled all over the world and been to many capital cities, yet I haven't been to Washington DC. Thanks for your input.