Dearest WAers,

As some of you may know, I'm a tattoo artist with some 20 years' experience.

So if there are any tattoo artists or tattoo apprentices around here raise your heads!

I can't possibly be the only one.

I came across WA when I tried to pursue an Affiliate Marketing training course which costs over $5000 (yeah, yeah, everything included). I'm a research addict, and it made no sense to me that all the people I know who are into affiliate marketing could have paid so much money to figure out how to do it. So my research brought me here and I feel very cozy and thankful for everything it offers but most of all for the community. I'm no ambassador or have taken the Bootcamp training, but so far WA is just unbelievable.

I believe in step-by-step rather than a dive in strategy when it comes to moneymaking, so I took advantage of this opportunity and made a dream come true:

I've launched a website for tattoo apprentices and aspiring tattoo artists.

I wanted to share my knowledge and help the next generation of tattooers do it the right way, so this ancient trade can keep its culture's traditions and safely evolve to newer and higher dimensions of art. I wanted a safe place for newbies to ask, to err, to get constructive criticism and positive feedback and basically get better together by helping each other. I didn't know I could link this dream to affiliate marketing (of tattoo supplies, products, art and services) and this is how WA has made my dream come true. I am so proud of my new website, though it holds many promises I have yet to keep. My biggest (HUGE...) problem is my time management. I can't find a daily period of time long enough to write, manage, think, photograph, research (!), troubleshoot and consult. My head is gushing with content to write, connections I can make goals to achieve. not even a single affiliate link yet. I wish each day had 50 hours instead of 24.

Like tattooing, posting content stays on the web forever once it's out of your hands. I try to be very careful with every word and image, every idea and opinion because it will define my presence online for good. I do that by always thinking about how the person on the other side, the reader, is going to take it in, if at all.

I would like to share this new "baby" of mine with you. Even if you're not into tattooing at all. I bet you'll find it interesting to peek into this industry's "behind the scenes" and probably have some insight for me (on anything!!) so here goes:

I endlessly appreciate you reading so far.

Love & Ink,


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learn2bgreat Premium

I love your website even though you've only just begun. It's definitely got tremendous potential.

You need an email sign-up/opt-in form on your website, ok? I can't be the only one who wanted to sign up.

I'm not a big fan of black backgrounds, but I think yours can work. I do want to let you know that it's kind of hard to read white letters on black, though. Have you thought about changing it?

malana Premium
Hi Darren!
thank you so much!!!
I deeply honestly appreciate it. I'll be off to see your comment on the website in a moment:)
About the black background - it's a cultural thing, they expect it that way (dark). I thought was being smart by not making it pitch black but a very dark shade of grey but I understand what you're saying as I looked for a more readable font or line spacing but I got messed up with figuring out how to add fonts to the Wordpress platform (there's really so much new technical stuff I can take...). So I guess I'm going to have to give it some more thought and find a new solution.

About the email sign-up
You're so right!!
I want one desperately but I don't know how to make it. I'm only finishing Course 2 now... is it around the corner or should I look up a special training for that NOW?
learn2bgreat Premium
I don't remember seeing this type of training in the regular certification training, but I was taking all kinds of training, not just one. Here's some additional training for email opt-in.

Start with Jay's training: PjGermain has some good training, too:
malana Premium
I'm on it!! thanks :)