Setting Google Analytics to track individual pages or set of them by URL

Last Update: July 15, 2014

Would like to share with you on how to track data for individual or set of pages based on URL in Google Analytics

So lets go ahaed and create New Dashboard.

  • I selected ready template and called it Page Tracking

  • To Edit a Widget, hover mouse over it and click on pencil icon

  • On Widget menu select Add Filter

  • Click on Add Dimension

  • In Search field type "PAGE" and find entry with just "page". You can click on question mar to make sure that this is correct entry. Info text should say: "The pages visited, listed by URI. The URI is the portion of a page's URL following the domain name; for example, the URI portion of /contact.html."

  • In my example I set filter to display only pages with /maksim-volkov/ in URL, but you can set filter for individual pages

  • There are examples of filters and their performance.

In this example I was Using data for New Users

If your AdSence is linked to Analytics you can even see performance and profits per single page or set of pages if have common word in the URL, See below exmple when filter is set to show Data for the Pages with DOG in the URL

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BrokFTJFH Premium
Thank you very much! I've been trying to set up reports with separate URLs from different contributors on my site and have been messing around with this for hours.

All set up now thanks for the help!

Ursulla Premium
Thank you for this! It was really helpful.
Wishyu Premium
This is great blog, I am following in same way!It is helpful!
Thanks, Maksim. :)
Boffy Premium
Great post, bookmarked for when I come round to page analysis!
Maksim Premium
DNave Premium
Great blog. I'll have to make sure I set up Google Analytics to do this for me. Thanks.
Maksim Premium