What it's Like Being a 15 Year Member of Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: Mar 26, 2022

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Hi Folks,

A very surprising notification popped up on my WA Dashboard the other day which notified me of my 15 year WA Anniversary.

How time flies when you're having fun.. right!? Lol

In reality, the 15 years I have been here have been a roller coaster of awesomeness that I wouldn't change one bit. I would say that this solidifies how excellent WA is as a service and product.

And over the past 15 years, I have seen WA grow from a small keyword list forum to a full fledge all-in-one product with dozens of features and an evergreen business model.

That said, here are 15 reasons why I am a WA Member

  1. The training
    1. Based on evergreen concepts, the training is awesome and teaches you how to build a long term online business without any shiny objects
  2. The tools
    1. All the tools here are at your disposal and simply do their job without overcomplicating things
  3. The support
    1. If I need any help, the support system is available when I need it and I can expect a quick resonse with a solution
  4. The hosting
    1. I like how I can build a WordPress site within minutes and not need to deal with any code or advanced database garbage - push buttons and woosh.. site made.
  5. The domains
    1. The fact that I can buy domains with credits and not cash is a total game changer
  6. The community
    1. I have created a plethora of life long friends who have either met me in some part of the planet or I have invited over to my house.
  7. The live classes
    1. While I do love broadcasting my own live classes here, the Premium+ classes from my fellow affiliate experts are awesome.
  8. The live chat
    1. For me, the live chat is a great way to start my day and help out other members or to simply say hello and get to work!
  9. The affiliate directory
    1. 100% underused resource here at WA! I have found some amazing gems in that tool!
  10. The affiliate program
    1. The WA affiliate program is by far the best out there in terms of financial stability and offerings. They pay on time and offer some outstanding incentives. My office is littered with WA swag lol
  11. The Vegas conference
    1. Each year I attend the WA Vegas conference, I am amazed how it gets better and better. If you are interested in joining me.. see reason #10
  12. The income
    1. Not only is the income generated from the WA Affiliate program awesome, the resources here are lined up to make you money. You just need to trust the process and put in the work
  13. The price
    1. With all the tools and features of WA, $49 and $99 a month is a very cost effective way to run your business
  14. The friendships
    1. As mentioned in #6, I have built some amazing friendships over the past 15 years and each year, my circle of friends grows even bigger.
  15. THE.. Kyle and Carson
    1. Without you.. I'd probably be broke from ordering way too many 18 year old Macallan scotches.. ;)
    2. For real.. thank you

And here are 15 tips to help you succeed while being a member of WA.

  1. Take this business seriously
  2. Take the training seriously
  3. Be polite when asking for help
  4. Be thankful, even if they didn't help
  5. Engage with the WA community
  6. Stay out of other people's drama
  7. Don't start any drama
  8. Use the tools provided
  9. Take the time to watch the WA classes
  10. Take action with your training
  11. Help if you can
  12. Trust the process.. it works
  13. Find an accountability friend or coach
  14. IF you can, join Premium+ as the extra training classes are outstanding

Now that you are at the end of this post, get back to work! lol

Seriously though.. I want you to understand that you indeed have EVERYTHING you need here at WA and that YOUR tools, training and support is here for you.

This business is awesome and you can make a wonderful life for yourself!


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Congratulations on your 15th Anniversary with Wealthy Affiliate. You have been an inspiration to many people with you live classes. I have found them to be very beneficial during the class and afterword whenever I need to go back and review the classes for any questions I may have had.
I find that most of the people who attend your classes view the training as something useful that will help their business succeed even better than they once believed.
You are a rock star with the information you provide. As long as people use the training, you will continue to be a rock star.

Congratulations Jay. This is awesome and your blog was very inspiring. I am new to WA, but based on my experience thus far, I will not be going anywhere. I agree that the training, support and community are wonderful here, and the live chat definitely helps one stay positive and driven, as knowing that there are others in the community working on WA at the same time, gives one a sense of comradery that I have not experienced anywhere else with Affiliate Marketing. Looking forward to my own 15 years ahead with WA. :-)

Good morning Jay,

Thank you for a great blog post, it's appreciated!

You must be one of the most long-standing members of Wealthy Affiliate! I wish I had known about Wealthy Affiliate 15 years ago, it would have saved me a lot of money. In fact, it would have actually been better if I had known about it in 2005 when Wealthy Affiliate started! That was when I was buying into shiny objects, it's an expensive disease!

I really like your wise words, especially about "not starting any drama"! Life is far too short to be involved in any drama, let's keep it simple!

Have a great Sunday.


Quite a record, Jay! I imagine you have enjoyed the many changes as WA has grown. Congrats on 15 years...I might be here for 15 years if I live that long...lol...no guarantees at my age.

We are all glad you have joined and stayed with WA, as you have helped so many of us. We hope you will be here many more years.

Hi Jay,

Kudos to 15 years at Wealthy Affiliate- wow! You've come a long way, and you're very well-liked here on the platform.

I love the classes you do every week- you are a natural when it comes to the live classes.

I've been blown away by some of the most recent classes you've done. A lot of the things you teach are so valuable and can be used to succeed in this business.

You're one of the best ones here. Keep doing what you do best, and here's to another awesome 15 years to come!



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