Less is More

Last Update: April 28, 2020
  • keep your brand simple
  • keep your website simple
  • keep your call to actions simple

read the above again and you'll flourish

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Pea5504 Premium
Great advice that I must constantly take action on. The 3 S, S, S: Simple Brand, Simple Website, Simple Call to Action".

Care for a lol? Years ago in 1978, I wrote a paper in college, and the tutor wrote: "If this was an animal tied to a tree, the poor guy would be dead before you ended.

Thanks Magistudios

Great Reminder. Good Success.

Shipwright Premium
Hey Jay,

Great advice. Alot of folk try to do too much, and in doing so forget about the most important thing, delivering an easy to navigate website with great, easy to read content.

Thanks again Jay for your continued advice to us all, and of course for your excellent webinars :)

bosco50050 Premium
Some lessons I learned from wife where "less is more"

In cooking "less salt is more" - you can taste all the other flavors present - don't kill it with more salt

In designing her youtube thumbnail "less fonts is more", "less colours are more" - focus on what matters - don't distract

in buying kitchen equipment "less is more" -buy equipment that focuses on one rather function than multi

less is more...essential versus unessential
Benjamin89 Premium
Even this post is clean and simple.
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Thank you, Jay
You have answered a question I've had in my mind for the last couple of days.
Blessings always