Finding Purpose In Your Online Business

Last Update: October 19, 2020

Today is the day where you will find purpose in your online business.

Hi Folks,

We all start our online entrepreneurial journeys for different reasons:

  • freedom
  • income
  • a change in career or life

Regardless of the journey, it is IMPORTANT that the said journey is reflected within your business and that your website, content, call to actions have a purpose.

For example, if your online business is about sewing machines, then the purpose would be to help people choose the best sewing machine for the money and to ensure they can get the BEST sewing experience for them so they can enjoy sewing.

In the above statement, the primary purpose is emotional and secondary is educational and the third is financial.

  1. experience, enjoy
  2. best
  3. money

By finding purpose in your online business, YOU will be helping your audience have the BEST experience within your chosen niche.

So... what is the purpose of your online business?

Let's hear it below.

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ColleenLVSJC Premium
Hi Jay... The overall purpose of my online biz is to help individuals decrease overwhelm and rebuild their lives more effectively after traumatic events. To do that, I offer tips and suggestions to best navigate the process and also offer them the opportunity to purchase helpful products and services.

Thank you for the post and thank you for all that you do around here! :)
eosegueraf Premium
Thank you for this post Jay.

One of my websites is on organic gardening, which anyone can do. I give iseas to people as to how they can get into producing their own veggies. I have not monetized it yet, but I will shortly, I am working on selecting affiliate programmes and items to advertise.

I try to attend every one of your superb friday webinars. Congrats from México.

jivitajay Premium
Thanks, Jay. I agree with you when you say that the primary reason is emotional. Whatever niche we choose, we are emotionally attached to it.
Even when we promote WA, it's primarily because we all know the value of the platform and emotionally attached to it.
Clickbank offers a 75% commission, but most of us don't promote it.

Palatia Premium Plus
Great one, Jay.

For my main niche site, it's helping people who fear memory loss find solutions to mitigate the ageing process in the brain and preserve their brain health. (I just came up with that). This was an idea in my head but it makes sense to 'verbalize' it.

My other niche site I would say it's: Helping grandparents find unique, meaningful, and memorable gifts for individual grandkids. (It's a start).

Great point, Jay. I think I was missing that piece.

etseil20 Premium Plus

What a great post to read over. It got me thinking of ideas for my business.

For my primary website (personal development and general life hacks), my purpose falls under a few points:
-To help others become a better version of themselves- to keep growing and learning no matter how old they are or what stage they're at in life.

-In writing content (general or product reviews)- that I inform my readers and provide value to what I do. One of my primary goals is to improve the quality of an individual's life.

-Of course, having a business that gives me financial freedom, while helping others is the ultimate path I desire. It's something I work on each and every day.

But a great post! It relates well to what WA is all about- to start an online business, keep learning, and help others/give back to the community. Super awesome!

Thanks- all the best,