You Get What You Get

Last Update: November 09, 2016

So many years ago, an elderly friend asked me to borrow some documentaries and foreign films from the library for her. I didn't know for sure what to get, so I selected three of each. I figured out of six items, maybe I'll have selected at least one good one for her. When I got to her home, she asked me to pick one out for us to watch. I gently declined and told her it was her choice. She was really confused about how to do this.

She got on her knees, spread the movies out on the floor, closed her eyes, shuffled the movies around and then selected one. Within minutes, we realized it was horrible. Poor choice.

Then she suggested it was my turn to pick. I picked out one of the documentaries about Castles and things, and it turned out to be one we both enjoyed. Whew!

Moral: It is good to set goals and be deliberate about choices we make, otherwise you just get what you get. You maynot like the outcome.

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Magic123 Premium
Yes ofcourse thank you
JeffDolson Premium
Good advice, thanks.
Magic123 Premium
Thank you. Yes she was a unique lady.
Toshmack Premium
Exactly right, well done.
Cheers and thanks, Tosh :)
Ultimateless Premium
Interesting concept and good job too!