Six months and still going!

Last Update: April 25, 2019

Wow. Six months and still going. I'm proud of myself. Thank you Wealth Affiliate for this opportunity and the lessons and training I have endured to this point.

It certainly has not been easy (no one said it would be), but I'm greatful I have the strength to push on, and support from the WA family. It has been a quick six months and alot has happened, but my website is getting more and more content, my skills of web develpoment has improved, and read up on other ways to improve my content.

This is apart of my life now and see no reason i must give in or give up. The knowledge and skills i have gained, I will always treasure. My goal is way ahead but I am getting closer everyday to seeing it.

Take it Easy!


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SnazzyIT Premium
Congratulations for making it this far ☺️