1 Month Progress Report

Last Update: March 16, 2018

So here I am, (not quite) 1 month in to this and just now finishing up Level 2 of the Entrepreneur Certification training. I am loving this! I have created my website with my own domain, set up email, interacted with site feedback, and some other tasks that without this training I may not have ever thought of being able to do.

My niche for this first website (the goal is to have more than a few) is beginner to intermediate Do-It-Yourself around the home. Teaching basic home maintenance, guiding visitors through the process of choosing and buying tools, and so forth. The goal of this site is to equip those that may not have had the opportunity to learn to work with their hands around the home, but also to help them save money by teaching home maintenance skills which keeps them from having to waste money hiring contractors.

Reading about the progress of other members of Wealthy Affiliate, I am gauging that money will start to be generated around the 3-6 month spot. My goal is to receive my first deposit within the first 3. By the third month, I am looking at consistent to growing income, and start my second website. By month 6 no less than $500 per month for the first site, and begin to receive from the second.

Now that Level 2 is behind me, Level 3 is where it's at! Making Money! This is a big part of why we are here, and this is the level I have been looking forward to. Good luck to all and very much success to you!


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LizK82 Premium
Hi Matt,

Well done for the progress so far. Your goals are very realistic and achievable. Keep up the good work.
davehayes Premium
Nice post Matt, great efforts, keep it up and sucess comes, the training here is a very valuable addition to any other you already have, or as a superrb stand alone, in terms of value added to you
MAdkins2 Premium
I am really amazed at how much information is available to us. Then add the community support, all of which are (or have been) in the same situation. Real people helping each other to succeed. This is where it's at!