How to be Successful at Affiliate Marketing?

Last Update: Feb 9, 2022

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Kyle, Carson, and The Wealthy Affiliate (WA) Training Platform boasts that you do not have to be a "Techie" or have previous online business experience for them to teach you How to be Successful at Affiliate Marketing. (SERIOUSLY!)

How is this possible when 20% of new businesses fail the first year, and if they happen to make it to 10 years, 70% will have failed? Various contributing factors bear this out, notwithstanding a lack of money, an incompetent workforce, and improper training or planning being a few reasons.

Well, I would say they are correct in making that statement. Except for a disclaimer or two:

  • Success is never given; Success is only achieved with hard work and commitment.
  • "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right"! ~ Henry Ford
  • Contrary to popular opinion, you can be any geek off the street. You just got to be handy with the copy, if you know what I mean. Earn your keep. Bloggers, Mount Up!

          Now get you a cup of this Kool-Aid I'm pouring and sip on the rest of this blog!

            Barriers To Entry, Overcome With Wealthy Affiliate!

            As a Newbie to the Digital Real Estate space, you may think that a lack of money, slight to no technical knowledge, or limited access to a quality talent pool would prevent you from success in the digital marketing realm. Sorry, not sorry, but you would be wrong. The opposite would be true.

            Wealthy Affiliate leverages the playing field for all, great or small. Kyle and Carson have disrupted the pricing model by allowing anyone to join the WA platform for FREE, with No Risk and No Credit Card Required.

            You then become the Talent Pool, the Viable Product that tears away at another Barrier to Entry as an Entrepreneur. Kyle, Carson, the WA Community will be invested in your success. We got your back like Chiro-prat.

            Lastly, the not-so-secret to your success is you will be Trained to Produce an Outstanding Product, in this case, Content. You will then have the skills to pay the bills at a far less sensitive price point. You will learn how to acquire traffic as if it was five o'clock rush hour on the four oh five. (Free)

            Caution! - Paralysis is Possible!

            You get what you put in out of it with anything in life. Everyone reading this right now is Smart, Kind, and Important. Intelligent people sometimes tend to overanalyze things to the point that we can't think clearly; thus, we do nothing. (Deer in the headlight moment.) We feel that if we don't have complete situational awareness about all things marketing, we can't take action. Big Mistake!

            You don't have to be an expert right off. You just have to be one chapter ahead of the next guy reading the book. The difference between someone successful and someone who is not is that the successful person is willing to do what the unsuccessful person is not willing to do, and that is, Taking Massive Action.

            Come On In; The Water Is Fine!

            Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. ~ Dr. Seuss

            A lot of thought went into the design and method of the task-based step-by-step training. In no way have I covered all the aspects of what the WA platform has to offer you at this time. The WA affiliate marketing training program has been Tried, proven True, and battle Tested. The Techniques taught here will be Relevant Now, Relevant Tomorrow, and Relevant Forever!



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            Yes, Mac, you are right about WA, it is ever Cutting Edge!
            But it is up to us to apply the training correctly.

            if you were a trained gem cutter, would you trade your loupe to view the interior of a stone for a sledgehammer, and just bust the stone to dust? Right!
            Would you use diamond techniques on the much more complex 3-color axis stones like tourmalines and andesines, or send them to China to be cut, I mean ruined by ...ah don't think so, especially the rare clean and gemmy colored ones that are green with a red "flash" when properly cut, green, red, black axis. although red like jelly with a green flash is lovely, or the tourmalines with their orange flash. All Much More Valuable Than flood the market for $4/ a carat diamonds, so they used to say.I

            I loved this post of yours filled with excellent calls to action and an ever-important focus on mindset,

            You make some great points in your post. One point that I would like to add to yours is the moment you decide to TAKE ACTION, your life has been changed. You have taken the road to your own success. You will learn from some of the best and brightest and be helped by a community that always helps.

            Thank you, Jerry, for contributing that extra valuable piece of information. You are correct in that observation. Just like what you just did, got to love this community. WA is the best!
            Thank you again,

            Totally agree Mac. You don't have to be a Techie, but Boy does it help.

            I'm not a Techie, but I am not a total Newb either and I find it difficult with some of the things I have had to arrange, so am doing lots of research into all the different platforms as well as the programs that my new Affiliate Life uses to make sure that I am not missing anything.

            The fact that you can ask a question here and there is an "Expert" happy and willing to answer it for you, in my opinion, is amazing.

            Long may this Platform Continue its Growth.



            Side Note:

            The is a famous quote by John C Maxwell:
            "The Secret of your Success is determined by your Daily Agenda"

            I think of it more as:
            "The Secret of your Success is determined by THE WORK you put in!"

            Hi Christian,
            I get where you're coming from when you say that being a techie helps. You are correct. Things in the online world change so fast, so we constantly have to keep our skills sharp.
            The community here is worth the price of admission alone. I couldn't agree with you more.
            Thank you for including the quotes in your comment for all of us to benefit from.
            I hope all is well with you and your business and offline life. Keep up the great job, my friend.
            Take care,

            Hi, Mac

            That’s a masterful piece of work! Truer words never said.

            You are definitely heading in the right direction. 👍👍😊


            Hi Frank,
            I appreciate your kind words. Thank you for stopping by and checking out my content. The comment and like are greatly appreciated as well. I'm glad we were able to connect over a piece of work.
            I look forward to the next time. Keep up the great job you are doing, and much success.

            Agree with you, we get what we put in.
            Unfortunately, most people want success but are not ready to pay its price that is hard work, consistency, and persistence.
            Thank you for sharing!

            Hi Sebastion,
            Thank you for the input. Can you imagine how far we as a society would be if more people would use their talents more for good than for bad or not at all?
            I'm glad you took a moment to give it a read and to offer a comment. Thank You

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            Market Research & Analysis Tools
            Millionaire Mentorship
            Core “Business Start Up” Training