Progress so far as of first week of Nov 2017

Last Update: November 06, 2017

It is quite an interesting journey learning a ton of things here in WA so far. I am fairly new here, about less than two months, but I feel I've already learned a lot. The certification courses are insightful and has helped me in so many ways.

I've completed establishing my own website. And that included registering for my own domain name, building my website, publishing several pages and posts. My writing stats is pretty good thus far as it is at 5/5 rating. I intend to keep the trend going and work hard in building my website and strive to drive traffic to my site.

My website has also been indexed with Google, which was quite exciting when I realized that I've accomplished such a feat! I was very ecstatic about that.

Now the other thing I'm striving to get to is to get my posts indexed and ranked in Google. So far none of my posts have been ranked yet but I'm optimistic I will get there soon enough.

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I'm trying to get started on all of this and I was speaking all of my ideas over with my girl and I just don't where to begin. When you created your website, did you reach out to other merchants or did you post your ideas on your website and attracted attention that way?
SurfsideBob Premium
Here's a suggestion in getting started. To initially determine what affiliate programs are available for a specific niche, go to your browser bar. Now type affiliate program + hunting gear (or whatever your niche is). From there you will find the programs that are available.

Now if you go to the WA Keyword Tool, you can start to learn which keywords (single and long tail) will work best. This combination should help you determine domain name, site structure and content.

Hope this helps! :-)
mac217 Premium
When I started my website I already have sat down and figured out what would be my focus. Then I went out to affiliate sites and looked around for a product I can promote that I myself am interested and believes in their product.

The way I started attracting attention is basically I started with social media and shared it with my personal network. Also here at WA you can seek assistance from WA community to help your page/post to start getting traction by posting comments on your pages and posts.