Would You Believe It?

Last Update: Jul 14, 2018

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Would you believe it?? Since joining WA I have a website plus authored 2 E Books. The subject being my niche, quilting, I have made friends. Been helped by several of them and hope I have been a help to a few. This I can say is more like a family working together to reach our goals.

https://www.quiltingbeewithme.com my website really likes to have company and please leave a comment.

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Congratulations Lynda.
And yes I do believe it.
I believe in our platform, I believe in our connections and I believe in our WA family.
I will go keep your website company now :)

Di :)

Thank You so much, Di. Yes, I LOVE quilting. Just found out going to be a great- grandma again, My Hubbie said, "have to make another quilt," He knows me well. hee

Hehe Congrats. Another quilt coming up :)

Hi Lynda. I really enjoyed your site. I know several women at church, that quilt nonstop, I will pass your site on to them. And the cake recipe I will bake tonight to take to church in the morning. We have several diabetic members and far too many desserts which are not appropriate for them. Thank you so much for sharing.

That is great, thank you so much. Let me know how the cake goes. I haven't tried it yet. I have a facebook page also that has several quilts on it. Pretty Princess Avenue.

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