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November 27, 2018
Do you have any idea how many different sewing stitches there? Not 0nly sewing but crochet and knitting. Is there an emblem for WA? Would be neat to make WA items. Stitching is neccesary to hold items together that are being made into clothes or quilts, whether you're sewing by hand or machine, knitting or crocheting. Buttons have to be stitched to a garmet. Zippers have to be sewn on a garmet.Kits can be bought for making numeric items be it crafts or clothes. What items are require to sew? Us
November 18, 2018
I have been gone seen June. Really missed WA, Glad to be here. I have published 3 quilting e-books and 3 paperback and e-book Children's Bible Story books thru Kindle/Amazon. I probably wouldn't have done any of them if I hadn't joined WA. Thank You.
July 26, 2018
I have just written a new post on my website. The Proverbs 31 Woman verses 12-13. I'm not saying I'm a Bible scholar. I have always wanted and tried to be a Pro. 31 woman.I'ts not really and easy task. One reason I'm here on WA trying to make some extra money to help celebrate our 50th anniversary in November.If you have a chance to go by my website and read the 2 articles, one is a page, the other is a post. Please, leave a comment. Thanks
July 14, 2018
Would you believe it?? Since joining WA I have a website plus authored 2 E Books. The subject being my niche, quilting, I have made friends. Been helped by several of them and hope I have been a help to a few. This I can say is more like a family working together to reach our goals. my website really likes to have company and please leave a comment.
My second E-Book is being published. Biscuit or Puff Quilt. How to make a puff quilt. Originally called a biscuit quilt.I included some history about the biscuit quilt from The Mountain Laurel. They were happy to give their permission, and they got a copy of the draft.Having made several of these quilts, they actually are very easy and they don't require batting.I prefer to use fleece for the backing, flannel is nice, too. They were happy to give really enjoyed writing these e-books. Hope every
July 07, 2018
I'm so excited. Last week I was ready to give up. 2 great people helped me through the rough part. One of them suggested I try writing an e-book. It was published yesterday and is available on Kindle or Amazon. My niche is quilting, my e-book is about appliqueing a quilt. This isn't going to be my first e book. Hope to publish several on quilting. I have another project to promote, too. I will be adding my link to my website. I now feel I have something that's marketable and will bring people t
July 02, 2018
I just add a new post to my website. Died and Went to Heaven Choclate Cake, Diabetic Version. Recipe is all there. I think I would use eggs instead of egg beaters. The whple recipe is there. Icing is up to you, I would probably make a vanilla sauce to put on each piece. Hope you all enjoy this recipe, will be adding more weekly.
June 30, 2018
Made it through #3, On to the next. Quilting is a great Niche.
June 20, 2018
This my first blog on WA. Not sure were to begin or what to say. I'm not the writer or I start writing and rattle on n on n, you get the picture. I really want this new business to be successful. Not sure yet how to make it to succeed. My niche is what I know and do a lot of but how to make it an affiliate type business, I'm not sure.