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Last Update: Nov 28, 2018

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Do you have any idea how many different sewing stitches there? Not 0nly sewing but crochet and knitting. Is there an emblem for WA? Would be neat to make WA items.

Stitching is neccesary to hold items together that are being made into clothes or quilts, whether you're sewing by hand or machine, knitting or crocheting. Buttons have to be stitched to a garmet. Zippers have to be sewn on a garmet.

Kits can be bought for making numeric items be it crafts or clothes.

What items are require to sew? Usually thread, needle, scissors, straight pins, pattern, fabric, tape measure and time.

Have you ever started a sewing project but never finished it? I have.

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Now its time to stitch your niche together with some good posts!

Looks like you have a passion and niche all rolled into one. So many folks would be interested.

Alex, Hope your right. Thank You

Excellent idea, to blog about sewing kits, kids need to learn how to sew, how to make their own sewing project and even to wear them.

Words to warm my heart. Thanks so much.

My mother is a seamstress so I am not even capable of
sewing a patch on something LOL
Thank you for sharing.

Sewing is my passion, I quilt and lots of craft items, Thanks for your input.

My mother can make anything well not so much now she is 83 going on 84 but when she was young one year at Christmas
my dad was not making much money and with four kids
well you get it she made her own Barbie Doll clothes patterns
and all sold enough for us to have a beautiful Christmas that
year :)
So when you have that type of passion I can understand :)

Thanks, Beautiful story.

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