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Last Update: November 13, 2018

I am a newbie, andmy niche is joint pains. I have completedLevel 1 of the training and created my website on my first day of becoming a premiummember.

Created myfirst post ‘About me’, all going on well.

Then came timeto writing a keyword rich post, struggled a bit with this but managed to getthrough it and I published it.

I am oncurrently on Level 2 of the training and following through with a bit of difficult,but will get through.

And today, I got some good news: I got my indexed badge and wasvery excited and it gave me more energy to continue pushing through. Quickquestion though- what does it mean to be indexed by google?

I understand it's not alwaysgoing to be easy, but I will always push through.

Thank You

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SCash Premium
Congratulations Lydia, it is always something to learn at WA but you will gain more confidence by doing. Best Wishes
LCEndahl Premium
Very interesting. I suffer from joint pain and swelling, would love to see your website. Can you PM me?

And welcome to WA, people are great here. Training is great too!
smartketeer Premium
Congrats Lydia!

Nicely done!

Keep up the good work!
Cass51 Premium
Hi Lydia well done on publishing your first post! Being indexed by google means that they have recognised your website. As you go on to produce good quality content that will also be picked up and indexed. All the best, Cass
Lydianabwami Premium
Thank you
rjwm01 Premium
Congratulations on getting started and taking action. When your site is indexed by Google it is now searchable and people can now find your website to read its contents. As you add more content your ranking in the index will increase and eventually your website can rank on the first few pages of Google Search making it so you get more traffic to your website which will make it so that you will gain more exposure and ultimately sales. May you continue to push forward making massive growth and progress. Here's to your success.
Lydianabwami Premium
Many thanks