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Hello WA friends.I got an email saying that my website has been hacked. I wrote a ticket to Site support. Do you Know what others steps I can take? Site support says I need to give them a user name . I am so nervous and panic that I can not think what my user name is or where I can find itPlease help! I will be very greatfull!
May 11, 2020
I tried to get a post done by Sunday, Mother's Day. So, I work in between jobs rushing to meet the midnight dead line that I had imposed on myself. I wrote about every thing I did and every thing that happened from Saturday morning to Sunday night.I was in shock, when I publish the post, to see a warning in red print telling me that my post was plagiarized and that it was previously published. By whom? I ask myself. Who is living inside my brain besides me? How is this possible? How could t
When I woke up on Saturday morning, the day before Mother's Day, I was surprise to see that everything outside was white. I thought I was dreaming. Taking a closer look I realized that It was snowing. I looked for my phone to find out what the temperature was. It was thirty degrees. Too cold for this time of the year, I thought. The previous days the temperature was much warmer and I thought the winter was gone, Little did I know that Mother Nature had different ideas of what we can acco
April 23, 2020
It is my grand daughter's birthday today. So this morning after working on my website and my training for a little while I decided to go to my daughter's house and bring a birthday card to my grand daughter. Because of the Covid-19 I am not able to go inside the house so from the distance I placed a card on the steps of the house and call her on the telephone to tell her I have come to wish her a happy birthday. ' It is your birthday today' and I am sorry I am not able to give you a hug a
April 09, 2020
I have gotten indexed by Google a few times. Now, I am not one to get exited about things that I'm not to familiar with. According to Kyle It is something to be exited about. As per his instructions I went to Jaaxy to look and see If I was also indexed by Bing and Yahoo as well. To my disappointment, It is 0, 0, and 0. When I looked at the right-hand side it said, If I want to know if I am indexed in the next 20 pages I have to up-grade. So tell me. What is the big deal. How do I fi
Our Truck DriversI spoke to my sister on Sunday who told me that my grand nephew who is a truck driver is having difficulties getting food on the road.All the restaurants are closed and their trucks are too big to go thru the drive thru. We all can see that. It is very obvious. Yet, when they park the trucks and go to the window to ask to buy food they are turned away and refuse to serve them.These truck driver are the people that bring our food to the supermarket so that we can eat and medicin
Wonderful news the Dow Jones is going up. According to the news today the Market is going up again. In anticipation of the approval of the stimulus package the market went up 1400 points. Hopefully it will continue up trend.In the mean time I am hoping and praying that the curve of Covid-19 will start leveling of in a couple of weeks.May you all be procteted from this terrible invisible enemy.
March 16, 2020
The Corona Virus PanicThe residents of New York are experiencing a CORONA VIRUS panic. The contamination is spreading faster than wild fire. Some schools started closing for a couple of days, hoping that they can control the spread of the virus but have extended the closings for a week instead.My grand daughter came home for Spring break from the University of South Carolina and found herself staying home and doing her studies online. Her return air plane ticket had to be canceled.What to Buy
Approaching Level 2Slowly but surely I am reaching the last lesson on ONLINE ENTREPRENUER CERTIFICATION Level 2, and I am starting second level lesson 1 at BOOTCAMP TRAINING. Doing both trainings, of course, is the product of getting the two different training mixed up, as I wrote about on a previous post. After going into panic and screaming and yelling calling for help to Kyle and the community asking them what to do I realized no one was listening. I asked my daughter for her opinion and she