Entrepreneur Certificate

Last Update: December 21, 2017

Hi friends from WA, wonderful people. I just have gotten my Entrepreneur Certificate. Honestly, I couldn't have done without your support. I want very much to say thank you so much. I will continue with my journey thing and working very hard to be achieve my goals with my 3 websites. One is still in construction. Thank you again.

God be with you, always!


Luzia Soares.

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TeamIceCream Premium
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Whooo-hoooo! We need to eat ice cream to that, right? ;-) LOL! I am so proud of you, well done Luzia! I got stuck on my niche and was overthinking things, now I want to also get my badge! Thanks for the inspiration! ;-)
luziaS Premium
Hi. Maybe you can take a look on my profile and find out if I am using the wrong name for that accomplishment. It doesn't matter the name. I have just finish the Entrepreneur Certification classes.
MKearns Premium
Is this a WA cert. First I've heard of it?
TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Michael - if you view Luzia's profile, you'll see under her Accomplishments that she got her Certification Badge and it shows a "5"! Your certification badge shows "2" - since that is where you are at in the training. Hope that helps!