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Last Update: March 02, 2016

I say blog,


So today thinking more about my niche and trying to watch my fav team play soccer ARSENAL I was quite surprised that I was able to pick it up on my cell through an app I down loaded some months back FOOTYLITE, man was I over joyed, as you see I do not have cable or will pay the overpriced fees that Dish or Direct TV want you to pay , thats for a nother day and time, to blog about that, any way there I am watching this game progress 15 mins in to the game with a little buffering , acceptable then nothing nada nowt, lost not to get back, P Od big time, I thought my birthday had come early but no so I asked the question on WA if any knows of a site or sites that I can use, not only for my own enjoyment but to be able to link from my soccerrelated site, it seems technology has indeed come a long way and very fast but don't you think that some where a long the way it needs to be more of a help and not a hindrance to those of us who reside in the world with the techys, yes I have the sence of the www. But not the savy of its creators so now I will ask more of you for help sorry but there you have it I will not be able to SUCCEED with out it thanks for those whose posts I have and read and thanks to those who will be much inspiration in the future.

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MINDwell Premium
there must be thousands of sites to link too, but if you divert people to other sites have a reason to do so, because u basically want to keep your potential customers at your own site.
Luv2travel Premium
Cool ive tryed a few over the internet on lap top seem to be better when down load a app on cell, WHY is that?