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July 14, 2017
The changing point in my life was a few months ago I applied for a job (2nd job part time) I felt like the interview went well but in time I didn't hear back. So I was pretty bummed and as I heard someone say employers are looking for the young girls, the eye candy. I knew my days where over. I am so excited to receive my first certification! I know that is has taken way longer that it should but I am determined I want to make this work. Because my WA friends and support team really don't care
I have been working hard to get my site up and going with full dedication. I have missed my WA friends and it is good to get back in touch with them. I forget what a support system WA has, so I have started over with all my courses in hopes to get better and my confident.
June 09, 2017
Sometimes life throws you a curve, well now it is time to dig in and get started again. WA doesn't work by it's self you have to be willing to put some effort in. So I'AM BACK!
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March 02, 2016
I say blog,OR VENTSo today thinking more about my niche and trying to watch my fav team play soccer ARSENAL I was quite surprised that I was able to pick it up on my cell through an app I down loaded some months back FOOTYLITE, man was I over joyed, as you see I do not have cable or will pay the overpriced fees that Dish or Direct TV want you to pay , thats for a nother day and time, to blog about that, any way there I am watching this game progress 15 mins in to the game with a little bufferin
March 01, 2016
Well hi to all, old and new friends. So Life what is it?To me it is a minute to minute, as changes come and go so does life, a lot is said it is what you make it and I belive that to be true to some extent, but all so it is a minute to minute item to as you don't know what is around the next courner un till you get there, then Bang Boom it smacks you right in the gut and boy that gets your attention real quick,so this last 6 months or so has I have been part of this community in WA life has had
February 22, 2016
Well today I start a new journey, a full CIRCLE OF work wise,{A JOB I HELD IN THE 80S} I had to find actually a 40 hr. week job, well you may say why, well its to pay the piper, Mister bills, you know that guy we all live with him on a monthly basis, but it will not be enough $ so I have grabbed myself by the boot straps and got my self in front of my computer and found out updates on the darn thing , well I said to my self I will not be stopped there I will get on my cell and do this blog on
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February 21, 2016
Well just got to putting a couple of replys together for some, so thought I would look at our ranking and what would you belive there is my birth year RANK 1955 now is that a omen or what, so I am writing to day to let all know we are well and in better spirit's than we have been for awhile, yes life got in the way financially and now work has come about again and now we can put our minds in to doing more with WA. In one of the replys I sent out I wrote about how I had put down thoughts but th
November 10, 2015
Well here I am 3 months in and not were I thought I would be at this time, not having a 9 to 5 job and trying to keep our heads a above the waves has really put the kibosh on our lives. I have tried a couple of things but did not work out,I have now the opportunity to go in to a business that I have been in and out of my whole life but have tried to not to have to do, so it must be fate that brings me back to this kinda work, at times I have been very good at it and others just done enough. I
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September 21, 2015
Well hi to all, frustration we all get it , me I feel it is in the learning process as I went through the school system in England, pretty much the three Rs Reading Righting & [r]Arithmetic, so when let out into the world at 16 I could fill out applications read the applications but as for much else that was my learning in a nut shell . So jump a head 44 years and here I am trying to get my self to understand the computer and its language, not so easy I can read, but understanding it is a
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So here I am driving back to Idaho from Utah wondering what can be said that would be of use to those who have just recently joined WA, my thoughts are far and wide but as of last nite the wife was excited about this new life we both are cruising along on, she has allways been the rock as any woman that has had 3 children and help raise 3 others they are tough they have to be, we have been bleesed that our children have not caused us much problems, we are lucky parents, so many of you out there