Google's Site:Search Function

Last Update: February 24, 2017

Most of us use to search the web and do research, but what if you just want to search a specific website for a term? Google has a search function called site:search. With site:search you can search a specific website for any word or phrase and even narrow that down to get exactly the information that you need.

For example, say you want to search just the Wealthy Affiliate website. First you go to, then in the search box type This brings up about 352,000 results. Then you can narrow it down by entering the term or phrase you want to find. Say you want to find all mentions of the word "Military" on the Wealthy Affiliate website. You would enter Military in the search box. This gets you down to 1,470 results. Then you can further refine your results by entering additional words. Say you only want the mention of Military in 2017. You would enter Military 2017. This gets you down to 113 results.

Another way you can use site:search. Say you want to see all the Site Rubix websites. You can enter in the Google search box and it will display all of the Site Rubix websites. You can then narrow it down by entering the words that you're searching for after

I hope this information helps you in your research.

To your success, Kevin

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
That is excellent Kevin thank you for sharing my friend, really appreciated.
Frank2001 Premium
This is very interesting information. Thank you for sharing! Will need to try this out!
JMupanguri Premium
Thanks for sharing
SteveWalker Premium
Interesting tool. I will give it a try.
MKearns Premium
Very useful tactic Kevin. Thanks!