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February 28, 2017
Do you need help finding a great Domain name? Try using the Lean Domain Search tool at You can enter a key word and the tool will give you hundreds to thousands of variants using your key word.Once you've found a good name, use the Name Cheackr tool at to ensure that your new name is available across the spectrum of social media platforms.To your success, Kevin
February 24, 2017
Most of us use to search the web and do research, but what if you just want to search a specific website for a term? Google has a search function called site:search. With site:search you can search a specific website for any word or phrase and even narrow that down to get exactly the information that you need.For example, say you want to search just the Wealthy Affiliate website. First you go to, then in the search box type This brings up about 3
One of my favorite authors, Mark W. Schaefer, just launched his latest book titled "KNOWN". His book is about how to be successful at personal branding in today's digital age. This is something the majority of us here at Wealthy Affiliate are striving to achieve.I highly recommend this book to my Wealthy Affiliate family as it will:provide you the motivation to keep going.give you practical exercises to to help you identify your passions and strengthsshow you how to build an audience around y
Hello Wealthy Affiliate Family!I'd like to introduce you to GoodReads. It's a social sharing site developed by Amazon back in 2006. It's a great place to network with industry leaders and see what they're reading and interact with them. It's also a great place for others to find you and be led to your website.You can find GoodReads at Here's some help to find how to search for people to add as friends.On the next page.Be sure to look me up on GoodReads when you g
Hello Wealthy Affiliate Family,I wanted to share that I went over 11,000 followers on Wealthy Affiliate last night.I'd like to express my sincere appreciation for all those that have followed me. I pray that I bring value to your life and help you along your journey to a successful internet business.I truly care for this community and I want to see each and every one of our members reach their goals and fulfill their dreams.To your massive success in 2017! Kevin
While you’re creating content on several platforms, don’t forget that your Google profile is the perfect hub for links to all that content. It also serves as your business card for many people looking for you on the web.If you haven’t updated your profile in a while, go do it now. Go to your Google+ account (, select “Profile” and then “About”. Scroll down to either “Sites” or “Links”, depending on if you
In early December Tim Ferriss published his latest book, Tools of Titans, where he reviews lessons learned from the nearly 200 world-class performers he interviewed on the Tim Ferriss Show. In his introduction he has a section where he talks about what they have in common. What jumped out at me was one of the books that had rave reviews among the group. The book was Influence by Robert Cialdini.I bought Influence and couldn't put it down. It gets a little dry at times because it's about the
Happy New Year Wealthy Affiliate Family!I pray that 2017 is going to be a prosperous year for us all.All the best to you and your business in 2017! Kevin
Merry Christmas to the Wealthy Affiliate Family!Wishing you a very merry Christmas from the Lundquist family.
Last week I hit the Google Plus limit of 5,000 followed profiles on my personal Google+ account. I've had my account for many years, this didn't come overnight. Up to this point I've always followed those that have followed me, but now I'm having to make choices.Since joining Wealthy Affiliate just over six months ago, I've made it my daily habit to follow all of our members that entered their G+ account on Kyle's post at as they went thro