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Last Update: Jul 30, 2017


There are several needs that can come up while you are on a road trip. It could be the need to give the children a break from whatever they are doing in the back of the vehicle. Sometimes they are noisy and even fist fights occur. People stop at the rest area because they have a need.

If you are traveling with a dog it might be time for a doggie break whatever the occasion the rest area comes in handy when you are traveling on the road.

Have you ever thought about how important the Rest Area is?
I was travelling on a road trip from New Jersey to Savannah, Georgia. It was going great until we stopped for lunch in Virginia. I don’t know what went wrong but the food decided that it wanted to get out of my stomach.
About 20 minutes after lunch I badly wanted to use the rest stop with none in sight. After another 30 minutes, I was over joyed when I saw the Rest Area sign.

If you are ill and have to use the rest stop facility and it is clean and has a pleasant smell, it makes you feel so much better.
I have learned to appreciate the attendants who keep those facilities clean.

This is an advertisement for a position to work at a Rest Stop.

Exciting position available:

The ideal candidate must be reliable, be able to pass a background check, and take pride in your work. Janitorial experience will be an asset. Must be available to work on weekends. Apply Within.

What is your opinion about the advertisement?

Recent Comments


Thanks and I love the rest areas where every they may be when, I travel.

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the comment.

Thanks you!!!!

I love the rest areas in Virginia Luna. they're life savers!

Yes, they are! You welcome the sight when you are traveling and need a break. Thanks for stopping by.

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