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August 11, 2017
I am having a wonderful day today driving out to Savannah GA. It is good to be in the company of good friends and family. Sometimes friends are not genuine and they disappoint us but when they are true and all is going well we should enjoy the moment.Savannah, Georgia is a Historic city.The Town got its name from the Savannah River, the river was namedafter an immigrant band of Shawnee Indians named Savana.Savannah's history began in 1733 when General James Oglethorpe and 120 sailors, sailing o
August 09, 2017
This morning when I woke up I took a look outside my window. I love seeing the beautiful flowers and green lawns. The gardener who usually does our lawn says that he won’t be doing it anymore. And it’s likely that this is because he thinks that he would have been asked to leave.He previously mowed the lawn. When I had gone to pay him I noticed that the lawn had several pieces of white plastic and paper all over it. I inquired as to what had happened. I had assumed that had there bee
Jamaica is an Island surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. It was first inhabited by Arawak Indians until in 1494 Christopher Columbus explored it and named it St.Lago. Christopher Columbus is believed to be the first European to visit Jamaica.It was under Spanish rule until 1655 when it was taken over by the British.Port Royal was the Capital of Jamaica and this was where the Buccaneers operated from. Port Royal fell into the sea during an earthquake in 1692. The entire city of Port Royal went und
August 04, 2017
It is summer time now and the weather where I am is almost perfect at times. It was just a month ago that a group of us were traveling on the Macon Georgia highway. I really got scared because that was the worst fog I have ever seen. Visibility at times was about 10 feet.There was a Mazda driving in front of us with no brakes or fog lights to the back of it. Of course, we started praying because sometimes we just could not see that car at all.Driving in Fog can be dangerous, we have to take a
It was a cold day in December and it snowed all night. There were about 10 inches of snow on the ground. Most people in the neighborhood would stay indoors unless there was an emergency.Our home was in Toronto and this was not a good day for me because I love when I can be outside and not confine to the house. Mr. Stone my neighbor spent all morning cleaning snow from his driveway while his 13-year-old son played video games.Mr. Stone went in the house while Jeff was still playing games and s
July 30, 2017
There are several needs that can come up while you are on a road trip. It could be the need to give the children a break from whatever they are doing in the back of the vehicle. Sometimes they are noisy and even fist fights occur. People stop at the rest area because they have a need.If you are traveling with a dog it might be time for a doggie break whatever the occasion the rest area comes in handy when you are traveling on the road. Have you ever thought about how important the Rest Area is
July 29, 2017
A Trip To Chicago A group of 10 men was traveling to Chicago. They promised their wives that they would be back on time. They were late for their flight and decided to try their best to make it to the gate. They did not have much luggage, in fact, all they had were their briefcases.They were traveling together and in their rush, they failed to notice a girl that was standing by a fruit stand selling apples. One by one they bounced the fruit stand until it overturned. Nine of them kept running
July 25, 2017
I am an advocate of the spoken word. I believe when you are hoping for something you should practice positive thoughts and affirmative speaking. I have learned to speak the things I am believing for, that they might become a reality. There is nothing to be gained by worrying, it only ruins your health. I refuse to worry.When we live in hope and believe only good and positive things will happen to us, the blessings will come our way. When we decide to speak in the affirmative about the things we
July 24, 2017
This is a new day, another day to be thankful for. I have never seen this day before and it will not appear in my future. I choose to strive for excellence, by doing so I can accept the result even if I fall short.Never think that you are incapable of doing a task. When you work hard you will be as good as the top talents you are acquainted with. If you realize that the method you are using is not working, try something else but keep your eyes on the goal.Stay motivated and blessed.Luna
Pens with permanent inks have been used to sign documents, sign checks and in any case, it makes things become legal.The Pilot Frixion Ball Point Erasable Gel Pens are pens that we should be concerned about. It is easy to remove information that was written by this pen by applying heat to the written word.Once the information is removed you may replace it with whatever you chose to write. The information on a check that is sent to someone can be changed by applying heat to any part you would