Am I seeing the wood for the trees?

Last Update: January 13, 2019

I've been working through the training on WA now for two or three weeks. Decided to go premium and have signed up.

BUT am I not seeing the wood for the trees?

I have to agree with probably every member that the training plan on WA is amazing and thorough. The support is equally so. The thing is as I follow folks and check over their profile, it seems to me that a fair majority are promoting the program itself and NOT the guidance in the training.....

See where I'm getting the 'wood for the trees' query?

So many folks promoting the program that examples of really good websites selling into niche markets is difficult to find and see examples of. I include moneymaking online schemes.... I don't think those are niche markets.

I'm keen to hear from the niche ninja members who have actually made a regular income from setting up a website and selling into a niche. I would be more convinced that WA is actually going to be good value as a cost base for my niche area that will hopefully generate enough to cover those costs in months to come.

My first site is an infant right now that's all. I just don't want the infant to bankrupt me before it's even 1 year old 🤔

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j52powell Premium
I do not know what percentage of members here promote WA as their niche, but there are many, particularly those that post regularly on this site. Not many, as far as I can see, get rich within a year. I have about 100 posts on my site related to scuba diving and no real business or traffic to talk about, although the number of clicks is steadily improving. If one year from now I am not making one or two thousand dollars a month, then I will be discouraged. It is a 15 hour or more a day job for me. For now, my focus is to crank out quality content as quickly as possible and try to build interest at 4 social media platforms.

I suspect from your post that this is not the sort of progress you are hoping for in your niche.
mistswitch Premium
I have been here since August 2018 but I only wrote 2 niche blog (small dogs, not promoting WA) posts in September and none in October. I got better in November and December. I just finished level 4 of training. My visitors are only double digits. I have a few social media followers. I got my first amazon affiliate sale this month. My total is currently 21 posts in the niche blog and I readsomewhere that 50-60 posts is around where people start to get good traffic.

I honestly don't know what a realistic progress expectation might be. I've gotten this far with other niche blogs without WA in the past but I like the step by step directions here. I worry that i'll be lost when the training is done. And I remind myself that the money I spend is gambling money or money paying for classes depending on my mood.