First Twenty Days or so

Last Update: March 20, 2017

This has been quite a ride during my first few weeks, and I have to say: Bravo! Bravo to WA for their unsurpassed training program. Bravo to each and every member here in the WA community!

It is frustrating to see that those I share this training with shrug it off. I suppose they are still seeking that "get rich quick" program out there that simply does not exist. I know. I chased it for some time myself.

It is refreshing to see those who have an open mind take a look and decide it simply isn't for them. I understand. Not everyone is a fit for this type of "work" Though for me it isn't work. (compared to what I do outside of this)

Still others are apprehensive. Those are the ones who do not have the confidence in themselves. Each one of us here at WA has felt insecure, apprehensive and downright skeptical. Let this program prove itself.

I joined..for free..took a look around and felt quite at home here within the very first day. I saw the quality of the training, the thoroughness, and the interaction among this community that told me one thing: WA wants each and every member to succeed.

If you are new..just joined today, or been here for the first week, know this one thing:

You are never alone. Help is a click away. Be confident in yourself. You can do this!



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Massagearroo Premium
Great blog Lisa and all the best to you here. It is a lot of work but well worthwhile.
WilliamBH Premium
Thanks Lisa .. Cheers, William.
OTolo Premium
Hi Lisa, WA is the best ;)
gerardG1 Premium
That very reason is why i paid have not been on it for couple days more pressing matters that is now resolved and will have to give around 50 hours per week to earning my living but that does not deter me i have to put in the work the training if i do not i will be singing same old song i am the unlucky one that should be i am the lazy one gonna do 50 hours doing what i need to do look after my loved ones and another 20 hours a week learning what i want to be my trade on here if i dont ill never kick those 50 hours and it is all clear that would be my fault not down to luck down to application i see that so clear and for first time in years i feel i have a angel on my shoulder wa a community to get some help and i wish to thank all for that it feels so good not to be alone
AGOgden Premium
Amen! We ARE never alone!