Celebrating A Completion

Last Update: May 27, 2019

Sometime ago I decided that my Being Your CEO website will be used for providing supports for solopreneurs. This inculdes the hosting of a weekly Success Circle as well as some short courses to help that solopreneur get started in business online. And I published a couple of mini-courses simply using blog posts.

Then I wanted to create a more extensive course about business planning. And the question arose: What is the best way to host a course? I looked at a couple of online sites where you can develop a site that you must link to. I also looked at creating a drip campaign using my Mad Mimi autoresponder account.

But Jay's words kept coming back "always use your own real estate for everything you do on line". I decided that hosting a course right on my site would be really worth looking at. Then my colleague David pointed me toward a WordPress plugin called LearnDash. After much reaseach and learning from instructional videos I got started.

Here's my process

(just in case you decide to give LearnDash a try)

  1. Add a course page to the site menu;
  2. Download the LearnDash plugin; (Note: This is a premium plugin but since I will charge for the course, I could justiify the cost.)
  3. Create a course outline containing modules and topics;
  4. Write the course content; I used Google Docs for this.
  5. Get set up with PayPal Business and Stripe for taking payments;
  6. Create the course in the LearnDash in your WordPress;
  7. Set up the outline in the LearnDash course builder;
  8. Enter the content in each module and topic area, and add featured images;
  9. Enhance your course page with details about who it is for, what will be gained and what will be covered. I used both text and an introductory video for this. You can find my video in my YouTube Channel.
  10. Link the course to your courses page in the site menu.

Today I am celebrating the course completion and am now trying to decide what is the best way to promote the course. Suggestions anyone?

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AlanJE Premium Plus
Great post, LowellAnn, thanks for sharing, Alan
jivitajay Premium Plus
Congrats Lowell,

You are doing an amazing job with your success circles. For your new course, I think promoting it on social media will be best, offering them some exclusive discount,
I am sharing a link, having some great ideas, I hope you will find it useful,


LowellAnn Premium Plus
Thanks, Jivita - Appreciate the share.
Fleeky Premium Plus
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Thank you