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Sometime ago I decided that my Being Your CEO website will be used for providing supports for solopreneurs. This inculdes the hosting of a weekly Success Circle as well as some short courses to help that solopreneur get started in business online. And I published a couple of mini-courses simply using blog posts. Then I wanted to create a more extensive course about business planning. And the question arose: What is the best way to host a course? I looked at a couple of online sites where
Here's My StoryLast week a Windows update created a problem with using my keyboard. So I took some advice from a valued friend and uploaded the Linux Ubuntu operating system. What a learning curve that was!!! Every thing I wanted to do required a new way of doing it.This exercise took up a COMPLETE WEEK. I had to cancel my weekly Being Your Own CEO Success Circle because the programs I use to produce the show (Zoom and OBS) were not totally compatible. Cancelling the show felt terrible - t
Giving a go at creating some Vlogs - (Blog via video) This is roughly 5 minutes in length. Here is Professionals From The Client's Point Of View. Please let me know what you think
This week's Success Circle discussed something all WA members will find interesting. I asked What Does It Take To Be A Solopreneur- What Skills? What Personality? What knowledge?Our ReasonsOne member suggested he went into online business because he had no other option at the time, having just lost his job. I, on the other hand said it's just what I love doing. Others stated they disliked following someone else's orders. In my career coaching work, I hear many retireees stating they need a
July 21, 2018
The Being Your Own CEO Success Circle has been exploring the concept of community and I thought it might be interesting to share some member contributions.What does it feel like to be in community? It feels wonderful, like I belong, that I have a purpose. Communities form when people have a dream, need to make a change or have a common interest and values.Why is community important to solopreneurs? Well it was mainly to overcome isolation and business loneliness. But it is also to find p
July 16, 2018
Now that I have the new site functional, I thought you might be intersted in knowing about our Being Your Own CEO Success Circle that takes place every Tuesday morning @ 9:00 am Pacific Time. This live event is hosted on my web site where you can listen to discussion and participate live by using the comment box right beside the video. This circle is inteneded as a support for solopreneurs like you. We discuss topics of particular interest to those of us doing business on line. If you have
July 01, 2018
Big ChangesSince my original website was becoming too wide and less focused, I decided to split my material between two sites. Old SiteGoing forward, will focus solely on consulting/coaching services.New will focus on hosting live weekly Success Circles, getting started as an on-line biz and reviews of products and services that support solopreneurs.The ProcessMoving the material was quite an exercise! Tech support recommended All-in-One WP Migration. W
Recently, I discovered that I got sucked in to a free trial offer scam. How embarassing is that! After all, I'm not an online newie.As I delved into the reason for two unauthorized credit card charges, I began to recognize the way these black hat companies operate - numerous sites using different company names for the same product, numerous phone numbers answered by some call centre somewhere, a variety of addresses, and Terms and Conditions buried so deep on the site that you would need to g
One main goal I had for 2018 was to move my very active website over to WA. I have to say that WA support has been second to none. First my site was copied into Siterubix, then I had to point my domain to WA. That took a few days because it didn't show up on my old server. This required a re-do of course. Then there was the move - that seemed to go ok, but then there were all the SSL issues because all the siterubix links are without SSL . I went back to Jay's classes on SSL (January 2017
February 06, 2018
Somewhere I read or heard that you can access Jaaxy with your phone. I have looked in Google Play but find no app. Anyone point me in the right direction?