Why does Article Marketing seem so hard?

Last Update: October 08, 2010

With every thing going on in my life I have been stuck on the Article Marketing Certification Lesson 5 for way too long.

I got laid off from my job a couple of weeks ago.  I will be getting unemployment and I just had a job interview yesterday (the second one with this company).  I do hope I get the job, because I have to pay bills and need to provide for my kids.

With this extra time I've been getting a little side tracked from completing this course.  I've learned how to make some automated money with Twitter.  Not much yet, but times it by 10, 20 or 100 would make some nice seed money.

Then would like to do some ebay also...been considering promoting Kyle's and Carson's ebooks for starters.  I just want to make some money NOW.

 So here I am trying to discipline myself to get this lesson done.  I thought that I would promote WA and so here I am looking for keywords to provide quality content for Ezine Articles...I know that once I start writing, it won't be so bad.  I'm feeling a little stuck like I did on the first lesson...it's just a learning curve, I know.

I've been having a little fun on twitter, but I've really got to get this course completed.  I have learned so much with this course and I'm not even half way done yet....wheew.

 What's really cool...is my neighbor has an online business....He's doing PPC selling smokeless cigarette's.  Every once in a while we get to talk for a couple of minutes...He knows, I know SEO...It feels kinda cool to at least say that, from all my hard work.  : )  He's making money and very busy.  Once I complete this course I would like to take the PPC course. 

 It's just a lot of work.  Right now I have the time because I'm inbetween jobs.

I need some guidance and inspirations PLEASE.

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moneystalker Premium
Hey, i was also making money with twitter until they disabled my account for reasons i don't know. Anyway, i was just like you. Article marketing was not my cup of tea until joined the 30 day article marketing club. I now realise that the only thing limiting me was my mentality. Over tme this negative perception has changed and i now see that it is possible to make money using free methods just as much as paid methods.

Mine is just to offer you some encouragement and to let you know that if you stay FOCUSED (follow one course until successful) and are persistent, you will achieve success! It may be today or next week but you can be sure that you will succeed if you apply what you learn here.
lovin_life67 Premium
Thank you all for your guidance and support. I will focus on one thing and complete the task at hand. Have a Great Day!
Hello,I had the same problems , AM and ebay and PPC and asking everything and anything and anyone e.t.c and couldnt decide what to do , where to focus , EXACTLY LIKE YOU.
Then ,i decided to focus on what KYLE AND CARSON said to me . Just FOCUS on 1 thing . DO not think the other things . If you are focusing in AM (because you took the courses) you will be very pleased to know that if you follow some tactics , you will be ready to earn money in 7 days from now on so please give attention on what i am saying.

First of all , Find a very good NICHE.If you DO NOT KNOW where to find it , give a look at : www.mikes-marketing-tools.com/keywords (this has the top 500 searched in 48 hours or 90 days ) you can also look at buzz.yahoo.com , pulse.ebay.com , google.com/trends , shopping.com/top_searches , engadget.com (best sellers or top items) . Now , go for some keyword research , use WA tool only , the others suck , i have tried ANYTHING.REMEMBER TO FOCUS on LONG-TAIL keywords , remember you add key-phrases like "how to" e.t.c Also remember google.com "keyword phrase" [quotes] . When you think you found your niche use http://tools.seobook.com/keyword-tools/seobook/ and take keywords from your keyword phrase . FIND 5 keywords .
Make 5 x squidoo lenses from each keyword you found for that 1 niche only and wait until the got approved . Then , you will need to focus on this and buy a domain and forward it to your landing page , and after 2 days write 5 new articles in EZ with the 5 keywords you found and you wrote the niches and LINK THEM ALL together , 1-1 (inside squido) and 1-1 from ez to your lenses.
Then , start backlinking and ping , Then , you will be ready to earn something.

Just focus on 1 thing , let the others be.Everything is cool , you just have to know the way.
With love for your success
Chris And Vasia (my wife)
jatdebeaune Premium
PPC is a faster route to profit. You have to budget what you spend though. I would definitely take the PPC certification course here first. I made sales but lost money on PPC only because my audience wasn't targeted well enough. I like the article marketing approach because you are at the same time, building a presence on the Internet and derive "long term" benefits. Just one article can bring you a return years from now. So stick with it. I like what Paula said. I think you have to realize you are building your future and just go at it one small step at a time. Key is, DON"T LOOK AROUND. Don't put too much importance on each article, just keep putting them out like an inspired robot, like writing is what you do. I get taken off course when I look around, either at the magnitude of the job ahead of me, or the guy next to me pulling in a lot of money marketing. You're on your own path. Some niches require more effort than others. Just make sure you have good traffic and a good hungry audience and go for it.
PMV Premium
I wonder if the pressure you're feeling knowing you have to earn some money NOW is causing you to lose focus on the AM course and look towards your neighbour and the PPC. His close and current success is perhaps making yours feel further away?It's not easy when food's got to be put on the table and bills have to be paid. I find when I get these perceptions and feelings, to move forward I have to think clearly about why I chose what I chose (in your case the AM course) and then just consciously and somewhat rigidly to start with, move my focus back there and just take one small step after another to break the the block. And I probably would NOT talk to my neighbour, at least about IM for a while [lol]. Hope this helps a little, Good Luck :)