Who Are The South Africans In WA?

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I have recently noticed many newbies asking who else within Wealthy Affiliate is from South Africa. So, let's answer the question - :who are the South Africans in WA?" and then when someone asks the question again, we can refer them to a central point, this blog.

A Bit About Me

As you will see from my profile, I am originally Zimbabwean, that is where I was born, raised and educated. I worked in Zim until my early 20's.

My grandparents moved from South Africa to Zimbabwe but my mother and her siblings were born before they moved. Hence, I am a South African by naturalization.

Sadly, Zimbabwe is not too keen on sharing her citizens so I had to relinquish my Zimbabwean citizenship to become a South African.

It's quite bizarre to have your "birth right" stripped from you, but hey, that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate towards the end of 2018, October if I recall correctly. This platform has to offer the most incredible community ever.

The training has taken this seriously non-tech person from knowing nothing about building websites or online marketing to my current position where I have even built a professional website for my employer (half day employment, I have plans to go online entrepreneur full time).

You Can Do This Too

Signing up with Wealthy Affiliate was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made. Has it been easy? Um, no, I would not describe it as easy. A steep learning curve? Absolutely! A lot of fun? Definitely! Incredibly rewarding? Yebo yes! (as we say in SA)

It takes a lot of work to build your own successful online business. There are no legit shortcuts. The Wealthy Affiliate training will position you perfectly to take your own online business from fledgling to lucrative success, if you put in the work and the hours.

It also takes a lot of persistence. Whenever you find yourself not understanding a lesson, think about when you learned to ride your bicycle - did you stop because you couldn't ride without training wheels or someone holding you up by the saddle? Nope. Did you stop trying when you fell off? Of course not.

It's the same with this journey. We all make mistakes and hopefully fail forward. If it's just an out-and-out fail, well, we dust ourselves off and try again. Which ever way it goes, we learn and grow.

Share Your Story Fellow Saffer

I invite you to share your story and your words on encouragement in the comment section below. Let's welcome fellow South Africans onboard and help them to feel at home in this amazing international online platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

I look forward to reading your comments, your stories and your encouragement.

Blessings as always

PS A big plus for South African's building an online business - you get to generate an income in USD. Yes, it is converted to ZAR when paid out but the conversion rate is still massively in your favour!!! Where else could you be earning on average R18 to $1?

PPS If you are a Saffer living abroad, please also share your story

PPSS Comments are welcome from any part of the world, this is an international platform after all

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Recent Comments


Hi Everyone
I am happy to see that there are also South African's here with me at Wealthy Affiliate
I was born in Potgietersrus (Limpopo province) and live now in Krugersdorp (Gauteng) "Gangsters Paradise" 😁
I need to ask everyone who is in South Africa and make use of Amazon Affiliate, I need advice from you.
Can you PLEASE send me a private message then I will get back to you
Thanks for this blog Louise, because I was wondering how I will get hold of a few South Africans here.

Welcome to WA, Coenraad!


Hi Cassi
Thanks very much

You are welcome, Coenraad.

BTW: Your country is breathtakingly beautiful!
You are very blessed.

Where in the world do you live?

I am in Trinidad, in the Caribbean, Coenraad.

My Mum worked with Oxfam in the early 80s and I was blessed to have lived in Africa and visited your country as well.


I'm also a South African - actually I was born a "when we" from Zimbabwe and immigrated (escaped the war) to South Africa that was a beautiful home to me and wonderful place to live. I live in the USA now in Fort Mill, South Carolina. I do miss my beautiful Stellenbosch which was home for 30 years. Please message me if I can help you!

I am sure that you miss Zimbabwe, Kathie.

Hey Louise - We may have touched base already - I cannot remember (senior moment) - Yes! WA is great way for us to earn money online. I have moved to the USA and miss my fellow Saffers all the time. (I am also from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe - but I too had to leave my country and become South African - I always talk about my home as South Africa.

I am not earning a fortune yet, but I am on my way. If any Saffers need help - shout loud and clear and I will do what I can to assist you.



Hey Kathie

So good to hear from you.

We're in the same both - forgettory working more efficiently than the memory, lol!

We've just run out of ram my friend, thankfully we have new brain cells every morning (according to a book I am reading - "Switch On Your Brain" by Caroline Leaf).

Thank you again for checking in with us all on this post.

Blessings to you

Hi Louise,
What a great post! Wonderful to see that there are so many fellow South-Africans on WA.
This could be a great way to connect and encourage our fellow citizens.
And who knows we might just be able to have a WA get together and enjoy that "Braaivleis en Bier" (Barbecue and Beer) like Daniel mentioned below... SA way! 🤣🤣

Stay Connected!


Hiya Ann
That's a great suggestion - to all get together for a braai 😎
I agree that we could encourage our fellow citizens this way, lessen the fear of the world wide web and help people embrace the opportunity.
Blessings always

Hello Louise and fellow South Africans, wherever home is.. if your blood is green and gold you love "Braaivleis, Biltong en Bier" ,("Barbecue, Beef Jerky and Beer"). Rassie Erasmus and Danie Gerber are hometown boys. I wonder who can guess where I'm from.

What a pleasant read Louise. Thank you for the "lekker" chuckle.

A month into WA now and I'm immersed in this journey to build a successful online business for myself. No one said it would be easy, but it is fun while you learn and the training tools are excellent. There are plenty of WA community sounding boards that will help and guide you as you progress.

Good luck on your journeys too.


Howzit Daniel

My blood is definitely green and gold unless the All Blacks are playing anyone but the Springboks, then it turns a much darker hue, lol!

There is lots to learn within WA. EricCantu is one of the many successful online entrepreneurs within WA and he recommends that we work towards training goals before any income goals. I think that is wise advice.

Look forward to watching you go from success to success!


Wise words indeed Louise. You will train before you gain.

Thank you for being part of my journey too.

Mooi loop..


Sawubona komunye waseNingizimu Afrika (hopefully I have that right. Been waaaaaayyyy too many years since I was last in SA),

I truly believe the South Africans will take over the World one day. We seem to be #Everywhere.

I'm originally from Rivonia but moved to Umhlanga for a few years before leaving the beautiful Sunny Shores of South Africa to travel up and down the Globe for several years before settling down, getting married & having kids in the UK (South West London to be precise).

As for my journey here on WA, well, that is another story completely & one I'm really making a go of as I'm tired of making money for someone else & fed up with the "Rat Race".

Happy to connect with you all on here. Drop by my Profile to say Hi.

Wishing my Fellow Safa's & ALL other nations immense success on their own Journies.

Hlala khale,


Welcome to WA, Christian.

You are very blessed to call such a beautiful country as South Africa home.

Wishing you much success in WA.


Howzit Chris

Sorry I didn't see your message sooner.

Africa as a continent is full of potential, the challenge is keeping people and money within the continent's coffers. Don't get me wrong, I fully understand why people relocate, it's just heartbreaking and a real conundrum.

Great to see you here and I wish you every success with your online business adventures!


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