Who Are The South Africans In WA?

Last Update: September 04, 2021

I have recently noticed many newbies asking who else within Wealthy Affiliate is from South Africa. So, let's answer the question - :who are the South Africans in WA?" and then when someone asks the question again, we can refer them to a central point, this blog.

A Bit About Me

As you will see from my profile, I am originally Zimbabwean, that is where I was born, raised and educated. I worked in Zim until my early 20's.

My grandparents moved from South Africa to Zimbabwe but my mother and her siblings were born before they moved. Hence, I am a South African by naturalization.

Sadly, Zimbabwe is not too keen on sharing her citizens so I had to relinquish my Zimbabwean citizenship to become a South African.

It's quite bizarre to have your "birth right" stripped from you, but hey, that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate towards the end of 2018, October if I recall correctly. This platform has to offer the most incredible community ever.

The training has taken this seriously non-tech person from knowing nothing about building websites or online marketing to my current position where I have even built a professional website for my employer (half day employment, I have plans to go online entrepreneur full time).

You Can Do This Too

Signing up with Wealthy Affiliate was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made. Has it been easy? Um, no, I would not describe it as easy. A steep learning curve? Absolutely! A lot of fun? Definitely! Incredibly rewarding? Yebo yes! (as we say in SA)

It takes a lot of work to build your own successful online business. There are no legit shortcuts. The Wealthy Affiliate training will position you perfectly to take your own online business from fledgling to lucrative success, if you put in the work and the hours.

It also takes a lot of persistence. Whenever you find yourself not understanding a lesson, think about when you learned to ride your bicycle - did you stop because you couldn't ride without training wheels or someone holding you up by the saddle? Nope. Did you stop trying when you fell off? Of course not.

It's the same with this journey. We all make mistakes and hopefully fail forward. If it's just an out-and-out fail, well, we dust ourselves off and try again. Which ever way it goes, we learn and grow.

Share Your Story Fellow Saffer

I invite you to share your story and your words on encouragement in the comment section below. Let's welcome fellow South Africans onboard and help them to feel at home in this amazing international online platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

I look forward to reading your comments, your stories and your encouragement.

Blessings as always


PS A big plus for South African's building an online business - you get to generate an income in USD. Yes, it is converted to ZAR when paid out but the conversion rate is still massively in your favour!!! Where else could you be earning on average R18 to $1?

PPS If you are a Saffer living abroad, please also share your story

PPSS Comments are welcome from any part of the world, this is an international platform after all

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laurenjean Premium
Hey hey Louise, what a great idea to write this post.

It's been so lovely to meet you and other fellow South Africans here at Wealthy Affiliate.

I met Lynne Huysamen really early on in my journey here and it was a game-changer for me. Knowing that there was someone in our own little country achieving success on this global online platform gave me a greater sense of belief.

Lynne and I also kept in contact, shared ideas and strategies, inspired each other, collaborated on a few projects and most significantly, became friends.

So yes, I'm all for joining hands to support and encourage our fellow South Africans on their online journey.
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Hi Lauren
Fancy seeing you here :-)
Thank you so much for popping over and contributing.
All going well, this post will help potential new WA members see the value offered and that real people from their own country are happy here too.
laurenjean Premium
Hehe, fancy that. :) And yes, that's exactly why I think it's such a great idea of yours. South Africans on WA Unite. :):)
Jesusfan Premium
Great post, Louise! And what a great idea!

My only experience with South Africa was in 2nd grade. A new boy came to our school and was put at the desk right behind me. He was white and from South Africa. I couldn't quit turning around and looking at him. And not just that day, but for weeks. I couldn't understand why he was white if he was from Africa. lol

Fortunately, I've learned a lot since then. And even from reading the comments, I learned that Elon Musk is from SA.

I also enjoyed reading your story. And getting to know you a little better :)

LouiseBT Premium Plus
Hi Lynn

Thank you so much. it's hilarious to read about your "white boy" from South Africa. When I moved to the UK from Zim my new employers and the clients were astounded to see I was white. My boyfriend at the time had a British passport (though born and bred Zim like me) so they understood why he was white but I was a big shock! So, so funny!

Here's a little story to give you a giggle. I was so overwhelmed by how many white people were in London that I had to go to the furthest end of the tube platform, crouch, and do some deep breathing just to cope! It took me a very long time to become accustomed to all the white folks, hahaha!

Of course, I expected lots of white people, just didn't realize how overwhelming it would be for me and how out of place I would feel.

Thank you for sharing.
Blessings always
Jesusfan Premium
That is too funny, Louise. I can see you now crouching at the end of the tube platform (or I picture the El-elevated train) taking deep breaths, trying to deal with all the people that were the same color as you.

I'm glad you are at home in SA :)

Blessings to you,
ParthaB Premium
Louise, Louise, Louise,

My favourite South Africans are Pele and Maradona (How many people who Don't Know Me will be chomping at the bit to correct me? LOL)

A lovely story to read, and certainly a beautiful part of the world.

One of the heart-warming South African Success Stories at WA is Thabo's.

I do always say that a website is considered "new" until you hit the two-year mark.

Thabo had almost given up on his original site, but he kept at it, and he is somewhat a content-producing machine.

I haven't checked his site recently, but he was publishing every single day for many, many, many months.

Something wonderful happened as he approached the "magical" two-year mark and he turned himself into a 4-figure monthly earner (and this was over a year ago, so who knows what he's producing now).

Here's Thabo's story to encourage EVERYONE. Partha
jghwebbrand Premium
Thanks for sharing Thabo's success story.
Really great for him..
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Awesome! Thank you for sharing Thabo's story.

Partha, Partha, Partha, you certainly are one confused man - those awesome academics (professors, right?) are from Egypt, not SA 🤣
laurenjean Premium
Wow, Thanks a million for sharing Thabo's post, Partha. That's amazing!
LynneHuy Premium
I'm from South Africa too. I was born in Cape Town and I moved to Saldanha, in the West Coast, 10 years ago. I've been working online from home since 2012 and I love it. It has given me the flexibility to be home with my children and what South African doesn't like earning in USD?
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Hi Lynne

Thank you so much for contributing here - very much appreciated.
tinaamarachi Premium
Hi Louise,
Good remarks,and great words.
I based in South Africa good to know that's another South Africa here, who is making it big.
Well done and I wish you all the best.
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Hi Tina
Thank you for stopping by - I know there are loads of South Africans here, I can't wait to see everyone say "Me!" in one place ;-)