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Last Update: May 08, 2018

I'm in Level 2 and completed Lesson 2 last night. I'm pumped.

I bought my niche domain for 2 years for under $30.

I just recently bought 4 weeks of classified ads in my local paper for $32 for my other domain.

I figured I could spend less than that to get my niche domain.

I'm learning so much since I joined Premium. I wish I could have WA host my other domain because I'm not happy with SiteBuilder. They want you to buy apps that are included here in Premium membership. They really don't provide any type of training.

I will just take it as a loss I guess. No, I won't.

Does anyone know if I can transfer my existing domain I had before WA to WA hosting?

Thanks for answers in advance.

Best to You All,


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LouisaB Premium
Louisa I'm very excited that you got your domain transferred to a WordPress domain.

Great Job!

You're taking the strokes, one at a time!

Louisa B
Labman Premium Plus
The GoDaddy SiteBuilder is not compatible with WordPress. You can create a WordPress Site and move the content from the GoDaddy site to the new WordPress site( A free temp site on the SiteRubix platform works well for this). You will need to copy and paste the content from one site to the other.

Once all the content is moved, you can use the Hosting with your WA Premium account. Just point the GoDaddy URL to the WA servers.

I would look at your current site in SiteBuilder, create the pages that you have there on the new site. (Use a spreadsheet to keep track of what has been moved and what is yet to be done. Or a list on a sheet of paper) Then move the content, check off the page on your list and move to the next one.

If you have a limited amount of pages this will be relatively easy. A huge site could take some time.
louisaparson Premium
I'm still waiting for the domain to transfer over and then I can see what my site looks like in WordPress. I don't believe GoDaddy was my host unless SiteBuilder.com in under GoDaddy. I appreciate the thorough feedback and I have added you to my Marketers To Watch notebook as a reference for future questions when my domain transfers over.
skendrick4 Premium
Yes, I believe you can do that. If you look on the left under Websites, then Domains, there is a link for transferring domains.

louisaparson Premium
Thanks Sheila.

I will check it out.