I've been a Wealthy Affiliate Member for 2 Years Now!

Last Update: May 2, 2017



Just got a notification from Wealthy Affiliate stating that I've completed two years since I became a member here in May of 2015. :)

I have always read lots of posts from people that claimed that joining WA was the best business decision they've ever made and wondered if that was really really true.

Now I know it can totally be true. :)

Wealthy Affiliate taught me the most important lessons: TAKE ACTION, commit yourself to your projects, focus on your daily tasks rather than on the overall outcome and go pursue your dreams.

If it wasn't for Wealthy Affiliate I wouldn't be where I am at today. :)

Of that "taking action" part I've launched several new projects including Buzznitrous.com where I challenge myself to try out and experiment new online businesses, marketing strategies and growth hacks while documenting every step I take to reach success in those endeavors.

Feel free to follow my work there: http://www.buzznitrous.com/optin.
Hopefully my tips, insight and experience could help you out.

So, definitely, it was the best business decision I could possibly have made two years ago.

Much Success to You All,

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Congratulation, full review on wealthy affiliate.

Congratulation for sharing and guiding us newbie in the online business.

Thanks Shalini!

Congrats, and thank you!

Thank you Louisa. :)

Congratulations! Louie, Well done!

Much appreciated Kevin. :)

Congrats on being a member 2 years and best wishes for the future. Thank you for sharing this. Its post like this that keeps a lot of people going forward including myself.

It's my pleasure, Stephen. Best wishes for your future as well! :))

Congrats. To your continued success.

Brandon, thank you. Much success to you too. :)

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