Last Update: Mar 7, 2018


We are 4 posts away to completing the required 12 posts for super affiliates.

It's been a busy week at work. And a major interview that took place 2 days ago took so much preparation I wonder if it was worth the time I lost in WA, which made me lose my rank by 189 points. Life happens.

Another busy week is ahead of us as we leave for Las Vegas and California next week. Another time away from WA. So what do we do? We hustle. The plan is to finish 2 posts before leaving on Wednesday morning. And then, the hope is to get 1 post done inflight and the last one as we drive from Las Vegas to California.

Wish us luck :-)

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Yes, the interview was worth it. You have to support your family while you build your site. You can recoup that rank fairly quickly. Good for you to get so much done, and enjoy your trip!

Thanks Jeannine.

Wow sounds like you have some great planning skills I hope it all works out for you. You are doing great.

Thank you!

What a way to reward your accomplishments a compressed trip to Las Vegas!

I think this reward is too early :-) Lol!
But thanks!!

I went to Las Vegas last July for my first vacation ever. I really loved it there and really want to go back!

This is our 1st time, too and we're so excited!

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