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Last Update: Jan 18, 2020

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Why is it so hard to decide on a niche?

I've noticed that many who are new to WA struggle with this. When I first started I had the same problem. There were many topics I wanted to blog about, but I wasn't quite sure how what these topics would work in this world of affiliate marketing.

What I soon learned that before deciding upon a niche, there is more to be considered (for me that meant I needed to dig deeper), so I asked myself the following questions:

What do I love to do?

What topics am I passionate about?

If I could choose one thing that I could talk about and share with others every day, what would it be and why?

Who would I share this information to?

What are the types of things they would want to learn from me?

Here is what I discovered:

When I joined WA is was very much excited about subscription beauty boxes. I'm a makeup artist who is obsessed with all things beauty. I had been testing, researching and trying practically every box imaginable and knew that many people would love to know how to choose a subscription box program.

I know that people asked a lot of questions about subscription boxes because it would always come up in conversation. The questions were about cost, contents, delivery and frequency.

As I research the various boxes, I learned that reviews on the service and the products were also popular and important.

My first niche became clear it was beauty - cosmetics - subscription box services. I loved that I had something fun and unique to share with the world.

I never left WA, but I was not actively participating in growing my business

Although I never stopped talking and sharing on this niche for ten months, I did slack off on writing and posting. But what I also learned is that my content was good and people still found my site and I had subscribed to various boxes.

What I learned

WA works! For those who are skeptical about moving forward, think again. My focus is back to building and strengthening my niche businesses because the process works. You need to be committed to yourself and your growth. You must ask questions. But most of all you need to have a niche that you love.

Positive community

One of the important attributes about WA is this is an amazingly positive community. It's great connecting with both established and new members.

"Go to bed with a plan, wake up with a purpose" -unknown

You're passion, your voice

When determining your niche, write about something important to you, Find products and services that you are excited to share. Think about what you're doing as a way of helping others because when you are genuinely helping others with your message and offering will you find that your business will grow and thrive.

Your voice is powerful. It's the things you say, the information you give, the products and services you offer that influence others.

Keep dong what you love and enjoy it.

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Thanks for this Lorrie.


Thank you Tim

Awesome as Jeff says but don’t push it into something that you think you have to do. Be patient, your special niche will come someday just wait on it and don’t panic.

Love your comment Trevor!

This is AWESOME, Lorrie! 👍👍😊

Thank you Jeffrey!

You're very welcome!

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