Learn from me:Signed: Hummingbird

Last Update: May 23, 2016


We all have seen those flying jewels glittering in Sunlight, dancing across the colorful flowers

I am sitting in my garden observing them, learning from them.

They are small , beautiful but mighty birds. They can fly long distances and flap their wings about 80 times per second in a figure 8 shape pattern. Despite it's constant movement it knows how to conserve energy when needed. They have great endurance. For them anything is possible. They travel from Brazil to USA, they encounter many obstacles in their way but they always find flowers , feeders to keep it going.

They have high energy, they are brave, they never stop till they achieve their goals.

Last summer on my birthday I had the most amazing gift a girl can dream. As I was sitting on my deck, meditating, one purple color hummingbird was above my head and a green shiny one close to my chest...I never thought they get so close to a human...I stop my breath just to prelonge that moment .

I wanted to shout like Faust : "Werweile doch. Du bist so schon"- "Stay Time, though art so beautiful! "

Hummingbirds bring joy to flowers , to our fauna, to ourselves.

In Native Indian culture they are a symbol of devotion, eternity, endurance, good luck and much joy.

If you are willing to bring joy and success in your own life, be inspired by a hummingbird, learn from them, as they are great teachers.

If you face challenges today, gain more clarity and insights to your issues, open up to all the possibilities our there, manifest your dreams, restore health and vitality in your life, then slow down and sip on the sweet nectar..

Have a wonderful Hummingbird day!

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Thank you Monica! That's amazing.

You are welcome! Thank you Holly!

I knew there was a reason I chose the Hummingbird for my profile picture here at WA :)

Yes, thank you for that, and for your profile nickname as well!

Thank you Monica, I loved this!! Hummingbirds are so beautiful!!

Yes, they sure are !

An amazing post, Monica.

Thank you Mike for visiting!

Very interesting!

Thank you!

Lovely observations Monica....love your fairy signature!

Thank you Michael!

You got a Tinkerbell! Hummingbirds are pretty cool, almost in the category of such animals as dragons and unicorns. Thanks for the pretty post, Monica. :)

Yes, they are mystical birds less mythical then dragons and unicorns which I only encounter in my flying dreams....
I shall be a Tinker Bell and fly more , learn more and help more!
Thank you for visiting!

My pleasure.

Fantastic things you are talking about... and fantastically beautiful post, too... Difficult to imagine these little cuties nearly sit down on you...You must be really close to nature...
And you have your own signture now... congrats...)))

Thank you Vera...I was in awe with their friendly approach. ..but I guess miracles do happen when you are in tune with the beauty around you...
Oh, yes my Tinker Bell....just fun to play with...:)

And there is something beautiful from me...There are two big trees right next to my window... and there are nightingales sittng there and singing all night through and not allowing me to sleep...They actually sing for a very short period- since the end of May till the beginning of June...later on family chores start that is baby birds appear - there will be no time for singing... lol ...)

Thank you sweet girl. .a beautiful gift indeed! I will comment more when I get home!

My dear Vera,

I am very happy you shared your beautiful Nightingale story! Their songs are praised in many poems and music.( John Keats , Igor Stravinsky opera " The Nightingale ")..

You know by now, I am in love with every creature God created, yes, even a spider. .I just observe and learn from them.
You are very blessed to have those natural musicians around you each spring.
When a human is on a spiritual Path and they are awakening to their journey, birds will appear, perched outside your window, chirping, singing, bringing you joy, happiness. . ( ok ..less sleep too).
Nightingale are associated with poetry and poets and musicians.

" A POET is a nightingale who sits in darkness and sings to cherish it's own solitude with sweet sounds.
His auditors are as men entranced by the melody of an unseen
MUSICIAN who feel that they are moved and softened yet know not whence or why"
( A defence to poetry by Percy Bysshe Shelley )
Enjoy the magical message they bring into your life!

Blessings my friend!
Thank you for the Nightingale!

Thanks... You are total inspiration and light.... Stay blessed...)

You too my dear!

Monica, I am delighted by your blog. Thank you for writing it.
I, too, am mesmerized by hummingbirds but I have not ever seen them portrayed the way you just did. I LOVE THAT! Thank you for inspiring me today! Very awesome!
Have a great day, my Hummingbird Friend. Take care. All the best to you!
~ Lisa

Very happy to know that you got a hummingbird inspiration today! Blessings Lisa!


Thank you Steve! Enjoy the beauty God created !

And all we need to look around ANYWHERE and we find that beauty. But reminders like your beautiful post put things in perspective. Be Well. Steve

Thank you so much!

What an awesome reply, Steve! Yes, there is so much for us to be grateful for! And Donna's blog is so great! Take care.
~ Lisa

Thanks, Lisa. I need/must remind myself that the most important thing for me to do EVERY DAY...........is express gratitude! Thank you for the very kind comment. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead! Steve

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