3 Month Progress - Alexa Ranking

Last Update: March 09, 2016

In order to succeed we must first belive in ourselves and chose to make the effort to grow as people. It is written in our dna, we have the potential to adapt, change and be positively awesome. I have found a secret I didn't know was in WA. The secret to live changing results with Alexa Ranking. If I remembered to post more on my blog and keep being active, I would have a better google page rank.

Don't forsake your dreams:

WA is part of your life, a dream come true and so important. If you are completing the training and implementing their teachings, you will see results. This will only happen though if you take action and choose to be active. The more the better. If you want your dreams to become a reality, then don't forget to take WA with you and come back and visit regularly.

My Alexa:

Unlike my other site www.mousiesblog.com my www.guidetoblogging.online has seen a vast increase in its ranking. Mousies Blog seems to struggle with limited interaction by users and doesn't have all the features provided by WA. WA so much simpler.

Guide To Blogging Online has seen an increase since its creation in Dec 21st 2015 from 13, 678, 982 to 8, 483, 732 most popular website in the United States on March 6th 2016. So after just less than 3 months my sites popularity according to Alexa has improved by: 5,195,250. If this isn't an incentive to keep doing what i'm doing, I don't know what is. This is so exciting, thank you WA.

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Mac01 Premium
Wow that is some good progress. Proves you're on the right track! Keep this up and you'll do well!
lorac4000 Premium
Thanks so much for your reply. I have a lot to thank WA for. Now my belief in myself are even stronger. I think I realy can do this here unlike others that are costly with low and slow progression.