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Last Update: November 07, 2019

I'm Not Even Gonna Lie

I've been gone for a minute. I hadn't given up, but I was definitely minorly discouraged. I knew that my niche, as well as the few articles I had posted to my website were low hanging fruit. Yet, I wasn't ranked as quickly as I'd hoped to be.

And The Website Drawbacks

Maybe it was the theme that I chose, or maybe I'm just not as tech savvy as i think I am, but it seemed like one pitfall after another. From the Size of pictures not fitting properly into the space alotted to them, to not being able to figure out how to embed videos from google drive onto my blog posts, i just kept having to take educational detours from my writing. Not to mention that as i delved deeper into my niche topic, i realized that it's a lot broader than i knew.

The Thrill was Temporarily Gone

It took everything in me to devote 2 hours of my day to what now seemed like a hopeless task. Writing an article turned into fine tuning the website layout. Two hours a day turned into 10 minutes. Eventually, (1 week ago) I just put my laptop away all together. I needed to regroup, recharge, & get my mojo back. Did i pick the wrong niche? Am I just a quitter? Maybe if i skip ahead in the training.. These thoughts have been playing on repeat in my head!

Then I Pulled My Laptop Out

And logged into my WA.. There it was! Google Ranked. I know it's only the beginning but it's definitely reassuring. with an incomplete website that i havent worked on in a week, I got google ranked. I only imagine what i will be able to accomplish if i reapply my self and on a consistent basis!

Let's Do This!

I wouldn't have known i ranked on google if i didnt come back to the task. And if little LeTisha can do it, you can too.

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Joes946 Premium
Great post. Love the honesty!
starfalex123 Premium
Thanks Tisha,for sharing that amazing practica Experience with us Congratulation to you. All the best to you keep up the good work. Used the experience to strengthen your determination to remain in WA and achieved your goals. Have a happy Thursday.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Yeah!!! Congratulations, my friend!! This is terrific!! Don't ever give up, especially not now! Success is around the corner!!!💚
steeph Premium
It takes time but you’re getting there. Congrats!
Twocoms Premium
Well done , yep nice to even a small website get Google ranked.. it’s a nice stepping stone I think :)