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November 07, 2019
I'm Not Even Gonna LieI've been gone for a minute. I hadn't given up, but I was definitely minorly discouraged. I knew that my niche, as well as the few articles I had posted to my website were low hanging fruit. Yet, I wasn't ranked as quickly as I'd hoped to be.And The Website DrawbacksMaybe it was the theme that I chose, or maybe I'm just not as tech savvy as i think I am, but it seemed like one pitfall after another. From the Size of pictures not fitting properly into the space alotted to t
October 24, 2019
Yes, i have 2 little girls worth of laundry to fold. Yes, i have a hungry little baby to breastfeed. But don't think thats going to stop me from also working on this website. With the baby in one arm, i used the other to navigate & type in wordpress.. No, i'm not perfect. Sometimes my time management is downright awful. But even when I'm inundated in chores & responsibilities, i still find the time to devote 2 hours daily to this. I'm missing naps & eating like crap.🎶 But if
October 23, 2019
Please pardon the Red Sharpie spots (kids!).. But if you aren't content with your sales of late, or maybe you just want to do better... Go Review The Customer Purchase Life Cycle! It's such a good focused read. Take notes even - I definitely did! Don't misconstrue my words, everything else is important too. However, this article (Customer Purchase Life Cycle) is like "Website Traffic" & " Affiliate Link Sales" fell madly in love with each other & had a baby named "Revenue"And it's so re
October 10, 2019
Well i'm a premium member now! Unlimited Jaaxy searches - here i come!
October 03, 2019
It's Official... I'm on the World Wide Web! I really do hope that i can use the tools allotted to me in the "free" package, perhaps coupled with my own social media accounts, to get far enough into the green that i can upgrade in 30 days !!!