A Good Morning SuCCess RECIPE !

Last Update: September 07, 2016
  • Some mornings one gets up and wonders!

What can I come up with to make the day a little different than the day before so I have this thought in mine.

1 cup of Good Thoughts

1 Cup of Consideration for others

3 cups of Forgiveness

1 cup of Kind Deeds

2 cups Sacrifice for others

2 cups of well Beaten Faults

Mix these thoroughly and add tears of Joy and Sorrow and Sympathy for others.

Fold in 4 cups of Prayer and Faith to lighten other ingredients and raise texture to great heights of Christian-living. After pouring all this into your daily life, bake well with heat of Human Kindness.

Serve with a Smile.

This was my Grandmothers Belief and lived it every day in her life and then it was passed on to my Mother and then it was passed on to me.

It is a good way to start out ONE's DAY!

I live it too every DAY.

How about you!


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VCast75 Premium
Great post! There are times we go through lows in life, we need this all the time!
LLiu Premium
Yes you are so right! :)
MPollock Premium
Mix it all together and success.
LLiu Premium
Thank you! You sound like a good cook! :)
suetay Premium
What a lovely blog to wake up to!
It's a recipe for a wholesome breakfast to start the day off healthily.
Thank you dear Linda. :)
LLiu Premium
Thank you and it is soo good to hear from you!
JudeP Premium
It's a great way to start the day - thank you :)
LLiu Premium
Yes it is and thank you! :)
bbqfirepit Premium
Done that recipe a million times and it works everytime!
LLiu Premium
That is pretty awesome!