Steady Progress-building a list and paid advertising

Last Update: August 15, 2016

Thought it was about time I update my blog! I have noticed my rankings have dropped quite a bit because I have not been as active in the WA community-but that is because I have been so focused on my site and getting an email list happening.

This is what I have been doing lately:

  • Creating lead magnets for list building.
  • Learning how to work out Lead Pages for my optin tool.
  • Took some further affiliate marketing training from another site to deepen my knowledge. I probably could have gotten the extra training here at WA but sometimes you don't know what you don't know (if you know what I mean?). Now at least I know what to look for within WA to get more information. WA still my foundation site for online education!
  • Learned about some Facebook advertising in terms of Cost Per Conversion and tested some ads. This has definitely helped my list grow but I am far from getting the funnel optimized. Lots of testing and tweaking to come.
  • Creating a follow up series within my email list where I offer 2-3 free things for 2-3 emails, then I make an offer for a course or product of some kind in the 3rd or 4th email follow up. I am continuously adding to the email series.

Blog posts have dropped down as I have been focusing on list building more than content on my site, which resulted in my Alexa ranking dropping, but now it has bounced back again as I kind of caught up. Can't believe how quickly google picks up you have not been adding content to your site!

There is no way I have time to blog everyday plus do everything else I am trying to do, so I decided to work more on a sales funnel than getting content on my site everyday. Ideally you would do both, but there is only so much time in a day and I have a toddler running around the place plus I work part time, so not many hours left after all that.

To be honest, I am not sure why WA doesn't spend more time on emphasizing the importance of building an email list. It just seems like one of the main ways you can build a fan base. But I guess WA is more about getting a quality blog up and running, and then going from there. It depends on what your goals are. But for me, blogging until my eyes go dry every night seems like a really slow way to make money online. Not that there are any shortcuts, but some approaches take longer than others!

Have been doing other things too, but it all seems like a bit of a blur in terms of the amount of info I have been trying to absorb.

However, I can report that more sales have occurred!

Hope you are all doing well. Will try and be a bit more active in the WA community.



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gappleby Premium
Awesome post, Liz! You're doing a ton of things exactly right:

+Developing lead magnets (with an "s") - Multiple LMs is a great way to "self-segment" your list, as well as broaden your reach.

+Focusing on List Building - the money is definitely in the list.

+Optimizing your Opt-In pages - It's all about conversion. And Lead Pages is excellent.

+Getting additional training - We all love WA, but there is so much more out there, as well. Agree with you that list-building, funnels, paid advertising and such are crucial pieces of the puzzle.

+Sales funnel - Greatly increases conversion and transaction size.

+Testing and tweaking - You Go, Girl!!!

+Email sequences and actually making offers (what a concept!!) - Your "Give-Give-Get" rhythm is very effective

Your focus on list-building, even to the temporary neglect of your site, is a smart strategy. I had my first 6-figure year, from a small list, before I even had a site.

Ranking is a good thing, no doubt. But it is what's called a "Vanity Metric"...the number has value, but doesn't measure strengths and weaknesses in your business.

This may be your first blog in a while, but it's jam-packed with good, business-building information. Thank you for taking the time.

In a nutshell, you are thinking like an Entrepreneur. Are you ready?...because the speed of growth is about to accelerate! You're now close to the point of scaling vs. taking steps.

Have fun,

The Entrepreneur
LizHennessy Premium
Thanks so much for the encouragement Gordon! It is so nice to get some confirmation that what you are doing is on the right track especially when you hear it from someone who has done what you want to do. Thanks for reading my blog-I really appreciate your validation.
MPollock Premium
Great work. you are doing fantastic.
LizHennessy Premium
Thank you for reading! Really appreciate it. :)
MPollock Premium
For sure. love to read these.
JudeP Premium
Wow Liz you have been busy - I wish you all the best with your work :)
LizHennessy Premium
Thanks Jude! Hope you are doing well. :)
Loubelle Premium
Hi Liz sounds like you are doing well. All the best
LizHennessy Premium
Thanks Loubelle!
MrsKiersten Premium
Yeah, it does take a whole lot of work! I'm experiencing the same thing where it's hard to keep up with frequent posts AND learn all of the other things like email lists, optins, potentially doing webinars etc. Are you working at a job currently, or do you get to spend most of the day improving your site and learning?
LizHennessy Premium
Yes I am working a job at the moment part time, and the rest of the time I am looking after my toddler and definitely don't get to spend all my time working on my site as much as I wish I could! I will admit sometimes I am in tears from exhaustion, but then I pick myself up again because my dream of having a successful online business is in the forefront of my mind everyday. Thanks for reading!