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Hi friends. It is weird that my latest post doesn't show on my mobile when I go to my site,but appears normally on my notebook. How's that possible? Any ideas? TIA
January 14, 2021
I'm stuck guys. I have multiple issues now. I can't proceed. It is difficult to find tutorials that fits my theme. I changed the theme into GeneratePress, which was suggested by someone, it supports mobile friendly usage. I would like to have a photo in the top of my webite, just like the themes have in the examples. I don't know how to do this, it sounds stupid but there's not a widget or something that makes this possible.The other thing is how to add a few sentences on the top of my articles
January 05, 2021
Hi folks. I'm just wondering since I'm new to the family, if the clicks I'm getting are from myself updating articles? Thanks for your responses in advance. Clemont
Hi fellow affilliates. Allow me to share my progress so far building my niche website.I've written 2 blogs and both of them are indexed on mighty Google, which is awesome. I have a lot of questions still but those will be dealt with in due time. I'm sure you are able to help me out!It is the community spirit that pulls me towards the next accomplishments. Thank you.I have my own domain name which is liveTESOL. I write about teaching English, studying TESOL, and living as a teacher in Thailand.
Just posted my third article and got indexed by Google to my surprise. This is awesome!Thanks to WA!
December 19, 2020
Hi folks. I have a problem. I added an user to my websites according instructions, but it hasn't changed on my website. As you can see on attachements. How to change EDIT into my name? TIA
Hello everyone,It seems that things has changed in the lay-out of my WA page. The RESEARCH tab is gone which leads me to JAAXY. Also, I need to type in SITE manager in the search bar to finfd it.What am I doing wrong?Please help me out. It is very annoying each time to search where things are on the platform.TIAClemont
December 06, 2020
Hi all! I just wanted to let you guys know that I decided to go premium last Black Friday. I have completed the first level with my new website ideas. I could use some suggestions though, but for now just one question. My site will be about living in Thailand, teaching English, building websites, TESOL degree, sort of escaping to a better life if you like considering the current situation in the world. My question is about my website domain/brand. Shall I name it, with the focus o
November 29, 2020
After waiting 3 years since I checked it out I decided to go for it now. 3 Years ago I started my degree program and now that I almost have graduated I can devote my spare time to building websites. I am looking forward to the lessons, meet many people here on this platform and learn as much as I can during this year.
August 18, 2017
Hello everyone!I am very excited to meet you all here on this platform. I'm Dutchy. I am here to learn as much as possible and appreciate your help! Regards,Dutchy