I'm stuck, please help.

Last Update: January 14, 2021

I'm stuck guys. I have multiple issues now. I can't proceed. It is difficult to find tutorials that fits my theme. I changed the theme into GeneratePress, which was suggested by someone, it supports mobile friendly usage. I would like to have a photo in the top of my webite, just like the themes have in the examples. I don't know how to do this, it sounds stupid but there's not a widget or something that makes this possible.

The other thing is how to add a few sentences on the top of my articles, informing visitors of getting commission on the links in my blogs. I can't play the tutorial which has been suggested for me to watch. I cleared cache and resterted my computer.

Thanks again.

A frustrated teacher with no time to search for things.


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SylviaChrist Premium
I don't know if this helps you!

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The very best!
SylviaChrist Premium
Hi Clemont, I don't know the GeneratePress theme, but normally, if you go to your customize button, you get different options, and if you go to the header, there you should be able to upload an image. And if you go through all points, site layout, etc., you should fill in the title and description. It is in Kyles training; I think 1 or 2.
I will have a look for you if I find it.
LiveTesol Premium
YEs, but in this theme it isn't available, but possible. Someone helped me already.Thanks for your response.